Revealed: The 21 new UNESCO World Heritage sites for 2016/ Hazel Plush, Travel writer


“This year’s additions to the Unesco World Heritage list have just been announced, after a four-day annual pow-wow in Istanbul. While the criteria for making the list sound quite dry – the roll call includes historical significance, legacy and common heritage – the shortlist is anything but. A big hit of culture awaits…”



UNESCO Heritage Sites

QUIZ – Which Malory Towers Character Are You?



Pillow fights, midnight feasts, jolly hockey sticks, fierce lacrosse games and lots of drama, while some might say the Malory Towers books by Enid Blyton are outdated, girls of all ages have delighted in the series since its publication in the 1940s. Probably the most iconic of all boarding school stories, we grew up with Darrell Rivers and friends as they competed in sports matches, crept out of their dormitories for midnight feasts by the rock pool and played tricks on the poor French mesdemoiselles.

Are you a fan of the Malory Towers? If yes, you should do this quiz just for fun and old times sake:


Books Into TV Shows/ Top 5 Wednesday


Good morning Wednesdayers, I hope all is bright and bookish on this illustrious sixteenth day of the ninth month of the two thousand and sixteenth year. This week on Top 5 Wednesday the topic is:

September 14: Books You Want to See as TV Shows
–With fall TV season starting up, this seems relevant.

Many of the books I like or love are already in  movie format because coincidentally I  appreciate books with film adaptation and vice versa. I am not good at following TV shows because  I am not patient for tuning every week for another episode. However, if a few of the series I read as a child or a few from some series as an adult, why not and I can play catch up.

P.S. I tried researching to verify if any of the following books  are not already TV Shows BUT if  you know differently please do let me know.

Let us dive into it:

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Today in History (September 8th) Via MSN



The Great Storm, Texas (Copyright: AP Photo)

For more details on what happened in various years in earth’s history, please do follow this Msn link:

Top 5 Wednesday/ Excited For New Releases?


The ninth day of the eighth month of the year two thousand and sixteen presents me with a reading challenge:  “Authors you are waiting for another book from” Top 5 Wednesday

Immediately  my favourite author comes to mind but she is unfortunately among the permanently resting. I tried another author who is not a favourite but whose brilliant mind amazes but he is also not among the living.

There are living whose work I admire but at the present moment I am not eagerly bubbled over waiting for any new release. 

What does my reading taste say about me?

Use For Old Books


I did not appreciate the jab at the kindle but oh well this is nevertheless beautiful.

Old Books Repurposed Into Paper Cups And Saucers By Cecilia Levy

August Theme Reading


Transatlantic Slavery

Today August 1st marks another observation and celebration of the abolition of slavery in the British West Indies. In addition, UNESCO marks August 23rd as International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition.   Hence as part of my 2016 theme reading, I will focus on books which tell the story of transatlantic slavery.

Books Read

1. Mamie Garrison, Teresa McRae

2. Slave Cry, Drew Griot

3. The Bargain, Episode One, Vanessa Riley

4. Love In Another Lifetime, Victoria A. Key



If you feel the need to “get over slavery” then by all means go ahead but please do not extend that ‘courtesy’ to myself. The transatlantic slave trade is part of my history, present and future. Why? It is the trade of enslaved people from Senegambia, Congo and Eastern Nigeria merging with the pre- Columbians and Europeans who contributed to me. A forever History student who appreciates all facets of her existence. You want me to remember the French master who passed on his last name yet you do not want me to point out that my ancestry came from across the Atlantic? If the mere mention of the word ‘slavery’ makes you break out in a nervous sweat then lay your troubles elsewhere but do not dare attempt to say “let sleeping dogs lie.” They need to wake up and bark then maybe the Jim Crowe laws would never exist. Perhaps my homeland governance would not transitioned to neocolonialism cermenting a reliance on a so call mother country who want us off her titties- BREXIT anyone.

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