Top 5 Wednesday/ Excited For New Releases?


The ninth day of the eighth month of the year two thousand and sixteen presents me with a reading challenge:  “Authors you are waiting for another book from” Top 5 Wednesday

Immediately  my favourite author comes to mind but she is unfortunately among the permanently resting. I tried another author who is not a favourite but whose brilliant mind amazes but he is also not among the living.

There are living whose work I admire but at the present moment I am not eagerly bubbled over waiting for any new release. 

What does my reading taste say about me?

Use For Old Books


I did not appreciate the jab at the kindle but oh well this is nevertheless beautiful.

Old Books Repurposed Into Paper Cups And Saucers By Cecilia Levy

August Theme Reading


Transatlantic Slavery

Today August 1st marks another observation and celebration of the abolition of slavery in the British West Indies. In addition, UNESCO marks August 23rd as International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition.   Hence as part of my 2016 theme reading, I will focus on books which tell the story of transatlantic slavery.

Books Read

1. Mamie Garrison, Teresa McRae

2. Slave Cry, Drew Griot

3. The Bargain, Episode One, Vanessa Riley

4. Love In Another Lifetime, Victoria A. Key



If you feel the need to “get over slavery” then by all means go ahead but please do not extend that ‘courtesy’ to myself. The transatlantic slave trade is part of my history, present and future. Why? It is the trade of enslaved people from Senegambia, Congo and Eastern Nigeria merging with the pre- Columbians and Europeans who contributed to me. A forever History student who appreciates all facets of her existence. You want me to remember the French master who passed on his last name yet you do not want me to point out that my ancestry came from across the Atlantic? If the mere mention of the word ‘slavery’ makes you break out in a nervous sweat then lay your troubles elsewhere but do not dare attempt to say “let sleeping dogs lie.” They need to wake up and bark then maybe the Jim Crowe laws would never exist. Perhaps my homeland governance would not transitioned to neocolonialism cermenting a reliance on a so call mother country who want us off her titties- BREXIT anyone.

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Why Did I Let It Happen?


Mo- ments drawn out of past calamities to painful to forget but easy to remember the caution of not repeating.
Stretched out imagination pinning for an influence to drunk out to respond. 
Tortured thoughts of flash scenes not the thing of the pleasant flash mobs.
“How did I get myself here? ”
“Why did I allow it to happen?”

Most Unlikable Characters/ Top 5 Wednesday


Top 5 Wednesday

Hello my Wednesday people, it is another Top 5 Wednesday .

July 27th: Most Unlikable Characters
— NOT VILLAINS! These are protagonists or side characters that are unlikable! (These should lean more towards characters who aren’t intentionally unlikeable. Not villains, or mean girl/guys, etc.)

Let us dive into it:

1.Margaret Beaufort in the Red Queen by Philippa Gregory

She made me dislike the book because of her irritating need to cling to a moral compass she does not embody.

2. Lady Dedlock in Bleak House by Charles Dickens

Cold, selfish, unfeeling bitch. Well perhaps she did feel something for her lost child but her actions could not fool me.

3.Lord Pierson in Mark of Distinction by Jessica Dotta

I have no idea how no one had yet to tell Lord Pierson to put a sock in it. A title with wealth does not mean he has to be overbearing, uncouth and severely rough that I swear steam came out of his ears during one of his rages.

4. Emma in Emma by Jane Austen

Entitled, pompous, wrong yet strong mentally, loves to give advice but not big on taking it for herself. Elizabeth Bennet could be her sister but Emma takes the cake for unreasonable heroine. Note to self: the film adaptations makes her more tolerably.

5. Mae in The Circle by Dave Eggers

She is just so power hungry she is willing to through even her parents underneath the bus.


Mark of Distinction, Jessica Dotta [A Book Review]


Although the language skill which blew me over in book one was not so forceful in book two, the character development left me emotional hence involved. I disliked Mr. Macy in book one but in book two based on the behaviour of other characters namely Foresterre and Lord Pierson, I wondered at times if he is that terrible. My beloved Edward left me with a bitter taste at the end of the story. I am not sure if I am ready to forgive Jessica Dotta[aka JD]
for writing Edward in such manner that his outcome with Julia left me bland. This is what I wanted at the ending of book one BUT the author threw in Issac Dalcy she sugar painted him and left him for the vultures. I feel like weeping. 

Why did the JD threw in that religious conversion with such an awkward twist?

Why did she pen Julia into more of a frustration who I highly suspect behind her so call humble facade is a spoilt bitchy weakling ensemble that urghhh left me screaming! Forgive me but I just need to understand what is JD rationale for Julia. She is hot one minute, then she is cold. One minute Edward is her beloved, next Mr. Macy’s touch has her flustered and then she might consider Issac Dalcy but ohhh nooo, her beloved Edward. Remember that scene in Tangle where the girl is happy that guy frees her from the tower, she is skipping around and in a blink she is mourning she did something bad but then the next minute she is back to skipping. This is Julia. 

But I supposed it is a human trait but it is frustrating!

Let us dwell on the introduction and disappearance of characters such as Ben and Erasmus. What the hell, JD just threw that in the story and BAP, move along folks.


I am frustrated with Jessica Dotta for book two BUT the way she panned out the events still needs me to read book three to complete the story.

July Theme Reading


Books To Read In The Summer


For July,I am reading books with a summer feel. I hate summer because of the heat but I love reading about hot sizzling summer romance, adventures of exploration or mystery solving on a hot day and cold night. It will be exciting letting characters feel the heat for me as I read along the windy shores of pounding waves.

Books Read

1. Once Upon A Summer, Janette Oake

2. Wishing on Buttercups, Miralee Ferrell

3. One Summer, David Baldacci


“Somewhere in every man, etched out upon his soul, is the one resentment, one love, one hate that his days have pressed out of him. Whether it’s written harshly upon the surface of his wizened face, or pierces out from the deep within his yellow eyes, it’s there!”

Ismith Khan, The Jumbie Khan

Death [A Quote]