Strawberry Fields by Katie Flynn [A Book Review]

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Strawberry Fields by Katie Flynn

I thoroughly enjoyed the way the author took her time to tell this story. Normally, I would stubbornly quarrel when two persons were in the same vicinity and bypass each other unawares but I am not sure if it is my mood or the author’s technique but I felt all the circling around the bush has its special purpose.

It is a comforting read which makes me even more sensitive to the plight of girls especially in regards to neglect by parents. I am normally a huge romance reader but I am happy that this story did not make the love story between Sara and Brogan too heavy. As a matter of fact, I felt that the love between the two happen to come along but the issue of Love and Family Relationship, Poverty, Neglect, Economic Depression, Migration etc were the focal point.

There is some more that I want to point out but not sure how tactful to not have spoiler links jotting out every line. I am a fan of happy endings, I am not a fan of suffering ending, I am a fan of hold on it will be over. I was not a fan when the last line came to an end. A heartwarming story of families mending and healing or losing out in the end. I want this story to stay on my heart. I wish there were more fathers like Mr. Peader O’Brady whose love for his wife and family made him an even more loving man who raise men of valour.


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