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ūüíźA Pursuit of Loveūüíź


LORD you love me, always have and ALWAYS will.
Cascade like a downpour, your Holy Spirit waterfall on me.
You favour me, you favour meee, you will not let me be.
A love so great, you gave your one only son to face death, so that a spiritual expiration I will not fulfill.
Every la-sh, every stroke of my sin, Lord you inhale into your blood.
Absorbing my every wrong, a rushing flood
of my lies that dew your eyes as you plea to your father,
if he would rather not let you suffer.
Yet you persisted in carrying my heavy load, an entanglement
of unequal yokes oxen to relentless pursuits of I shouldnots
but I still tangled.
Yet you pardoned.
Charges Acquitted.


Flickering Flames


Have you ever monitored popping corn?
No sound until the oil  heats to a perfect sizzling.
Then a violent erupting popcando.
Pop, pop, pop-  the lid dancing to waltz off.
Now consider when the Holy Spirit fire touches you,
Like the woman with the issue of blood for 12 years,
After that touch I GUARANTEE you will never be the same.
‚̧ԳŹ‚ÄćūüĒ•ūüí£ A flame to ignite a oneness with Christ Jesus-
A merger of your spirit and the Holy Spirit,
Not a BP oil spill and water resistance but an interwined¬† consummation¬† gift of “tongues of fire” and an eager spirit.
Drink- but like  Bro David your soul will pant after Yahweh.
Red alert- the popcando fire has erupted the neighbours- The Kernels- to white flowers, a delicacy to receiving folks  pink seas bordered by white walls of terror.
Can’t say the same for The Ananias and Sapphira, a lesson that the Holy Spirit devouring is not always savory.
But hold on, hold on, frightening you is not the intend, only God will judge anyone who is contrary.
So next time you pop corn, watch as the flame flicker and ponder if like John Baptist your heart leaps when you hear of the saviour.

Emancipation – My Soul


It was either the scissors or the bottle of bleach.

I chose the scissors and it turned into a form of liberation. An emancipation day significant freedom.


It was more than letting the hair go but a shedding of the shackled weight, which was slowly suffocating.

My nostrils of life are slowly allowing in oxygen. Thumbelina is pushing through.

I Value You [Free Verse Poetry]


International Mens Day

I appreciate, appraise and applaud you for your substance, substituting the  flight mode
to stay close.

I encourage you to speak when that peak of¬†words reaches a tone of noise, which whispers to you to “end it because no one cares.”

I care, I hold your opinions in high heights of regard, please do not run away on a flight  of  no  return.

I celebrate you man, manners of awesome autumnal wisdom. I listen to your tales with tears wondering why all of us failed to uplift.

Step away from that cliff. You are a gift, shift to the side and see that your boy is listening.


I wrote this short Free Verse Poem in honour of International Mens Day. To find more about the day honoring men please go to

One Body, One Life [Acrostic Poetry]


One body we have so we must

Nuture that essence that make us.

Entertain no thoughts to pollute our

Being, our core.

Organs needs care constantly.

Do not drown with added sugars.

Yearn not for the constant sugary snacks, it is a fight that we must beat.

On International Diabetes Day, I did ponder extra on my chooses of food.

Naturally if my body is my house, I should keep it clean in

Everyway. Not just in grooming but

Limiting the types of drinks and solids I let travel to my work machine.

Invite no toxins by deliberately over consuming too much natural and package sugar.

Fight for your home.

Encourage your body to feel good.

Make A Difference [An Etheree Poem]


Make A Difference Day


Make a


in someone’s life.

Stop the bullying.

Smile big to a sad face

and speak a kind word always.

Give food or clothes if you can please,

it will warm someone’s heart and tummy.

The world changes when we help someone else.







The poetry form, Etheree, consists of 10 lines of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 syllables. Etheree can also be reversed and written 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Get creative and write an Etheree with more than one verse, but follow suit with an inverted syllable count.

Evaluate Your Life [Prose Poetry]


Evaluate Your Life Day

What do you do when you HATE your job but you cannot quit because you need to eat? The job pays your bills and saves your independence. To resign means to redesign my aims to always work. What do you do when the economy is so jacked up, that you feel blessed even with a hacked up job because there are several persons with no work yet a family to feed. However, you have those emotional battles everyday that devotionals cannot help to wake an excitement to seize the bull by the horn, contributing towards society. Sitting at a desk and literally feeling brain cells dying because you are sighing over completed tasks in an hour and you wonder what madness that included you in such disarray. A foray of persons having the time of their life, thieving from my complete tasks. Yet no one in management says a word but when I voice that absurd rate at which the work reaches me, I am deemed as uncooperative.

What the fuck I am doing with my life?

Changed Curtains (An Acrostic Poem)


Chagrin highlighted your heightened voice 

Hinged on blundering insults my way.
A girl I figured you never knew prior to June 30th.
Nevertheless every fool would know  when that  displeasure veiled in mockery,
Glistening with anger is directed their way.
Erroneous thought I; What have I
Done to them but alas I understand. I
Changed my curtains. I
Usurped their privilege of watching through my windows. I
Rigged one of
Their sources of sorcery
Angering them enough to hail insults my way.
Idiotic thinking on their part but at least I
Notified another neighbor of their crafty, disgusting practice. Now they
Sneer and hiss like the serpent in Eden.

For Lee


See how the eagle soar so high in flight, a majestic sight for all in the heavens and soil beneath? One day I will release that toil in my heart with such ease and not with a sigh.The way I allowed you to slip into my blood like vicious lustful red blood cells was anemic danger. For one who hardly drinks I was ready to sip on our conversations which were always so red winery deep.You fed an insatiable hunger that hang like a parasitic creature sucking more and more. I love that feeling of comfort I felt around you which especially came from an intellectual simulation which surrounds my passion. Just like Jojo “I am a sucker for a guy with a beautiful mind,” the mind you dutifully pluck under layers of protection. Yet I saw it and so began my journey into heartbreak. I am bait to you, reeling your line at convenient times to keep me netted.

*unfinished* *affected*