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Changed Curtains (An Acrostic Poem)


Chagrin highlighted your heightened voice 

Hinged on blundering insults my way.
A girl I figured you never knew prior to June 30th.
Nevertheless every fool would know  when that  displeasure veiled in mockery,
Glistening with anger is directed their way.
Erroneous thought I; What have I
Done to them but alas I understand. I
Changed my curtains. I
Usurped their privilege of watching through my windows. I
Rigged one of
Their sources of sorcery
Angering them enough to hail insults my way.
Idiotic thinking on their part but at least I
Notified another neighbor of their crafty, disgusting practice. Now they
Sneer and hiss like the serpent in Eden.


What Happen To Dreams?


                             ÁWá photograph via Wikimedia.org

What happened to all the dreams as a child, the simple ones to develop a career, providing for myself?

What happened to the days of planning in a journal what I will do by age 25, 30 and so on?

What happened to all the fruits that should fall from hard work?

What happened to 2015 turning into my year?

The answers: NOTHING.

NOTHING good comes out of people like me, the people who be even mad at my struggle. Can you imagine people being jealous of a struggling, suffering person? Is that what the world has turned.

Then you have the ex boyfriend who messed up but will not leave you alone and his girlfriend who is adamant that you are the one who is after him. Someone needs a reality check.

This is not a piece for encouragement or inspiration. It is a frustrated words that need venting.


What/Why I Love


Your non-physical touch unfolded my heart like a flower in the beginning of bloom.

You made me responsive and hungry for your love just as a bee sucking the attractive nectar.

I remember when I felt that small yawning inside, too nervous to think about it, let alone admit it.

Then came the Lion roaring in my chest and it scared the daylights out of me like the sun dipping over the horizon.

I remember when I first met you, dealing over the affairs of History. I was too busy sorting out the loose ends of our project to notice you but when I did, boy oh boy did I  love what I heard.

Like Jojo “I am a sucker for a guy with a beautiful mind” and you were that man.

Our minds dance over ideas and debates of politics, history, family and religion. Our discussions became food, an insatiable delight.

I suspect my head fell for you before my heart, a heart that you once ask me to follow.

It is a puzzle, like Charlotte in a web I wrote my heart on my sleeves without realizing my actions.

My heart cried bullets of despair when I caught how far my ship sailed into your harbour. I gave so much without any discussion of exclusivity.

Your name was always in my head along with a goofy grin when I recall something you said and/or did.

Your stubbornness collided into my stubbornness into a boiling pot of too much comfort with each other

Although time has faded the urgency of feelings your essence still hugs my being. I no longer beat up myself for thinking of you. It is what it is…

Prompt Storm 11: Why/Why I love


It Warms My Heart #11 Freedom Of Speech


I get really really mad when someone tries to prevent me from expressing my views and dismisses my claims as “you just angry or sad or in your feelings.” Although, I am not a speaker in person and usually choose a corner and not a crowd, when I speak I am usually very vocal. I am very particular about my freedom to speak sometimes I take it too personal. Note that I am not referring to disruptive conversation whilst someone else is addressing a group. Nor am I referring to outlandish behavior such as cursing up an person or blatant disregard from persons of authority. For example, if I am speaking too loud at a group discussion at a public library and the librarian ask me to tone it down, I cannot get angry and say “it is my right to speak.” In that instance I am rude and  disrespectful.

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Just Like Construction


Just Like Construction

U.S. Navy photo by PhotographerÕs Mate 2nd Class Jacob A. Johnson. (RELEASED) via wikicommons

Stroke after deafening stroke,
nails dancing to the lead of a hammer.
The same insane tune of the words of that bloke,
not appreciating, flat and certainly not enamour.

Dust flying into the air, lifting ash-choo
ash-choo from poor Ms. Nosey.
Not a pretty picture painting like a posy,
just like your words,boo-boo.

Boards, windows, walls, roof-all shattered,
just like your promises – stink like faecal, it mattered
not that your pleas rain like sand
because it is just litter and out of hand.


Poetry form: Quatrain (poem of four line verse)
It has a specific rhyming scheme: abab, abba, aabb


Book Quote

One must always be careful of books… and what is inside them, for words have the power to change us.

Tess in Clockwork Angel [pg 87] 2010 The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare

Post Four: Reading Month, 2015

Maybe we underestimate the power of what words can do to a wandering and even a firm mind. It can corrupt or  nurture you so be careful what you read and when you read it but never fear reading, it is a journey which does not need a physical passport. :).

Books [Quote]

You Are My Therapy



It beckons me, binding me come to its bosoms, teasing from the corner of my eyes. My heart leaps, with each raise and fall of my chest, I know my release is not to long away. Brightly coloured in a kaleidoscope of beauty beseeching me into its fold. Should I plunge? Will you smooth my anxieties, will you promise to only caress me? I sigh deeply in submission, exciting touching the harden surface of your crust, yet you did not deny me. I remember the first time I met  you, so long ago that I fear the memory is opaque. Your bright and becoming features were all over the place. It was my love at first sight; thinking about it now, it is my only love at first sight. Perhaps, the reason for my attachment to you. I have heard that one always remember their first love, then tag you are it baby. For you my heart will always crave, hunger for your reassuring words of comfort and excitement.

Words in war, romance, thriller, spiritual awakening, aimed to suit the past, present or future. Even when you bring with sadness, you promise a better tomorrow. I believe that vow because the day after you gave me another story, one of a happier ending. With you it is never a lie, I am never a jilted sheila on the verge of an emotional attack. You always tell me in brief or not, what I should expect of you. True, there will be twist in the plot, a surprise here and there but that is how I like it. I expect and except that only from you. We have a special relationship, I can share you with others and I still feel like your girl. You are the only one I will accept this arrangement with; it is what it is.

You are good with words. I lovingly turn page after page and deeper you pulled me into your cocoon. A solace that no one can offer me greets with a shout, a wave and a smile. I am home, albeit how imaginative and penned by someone else, it is but darn it, it is my refuge. My arbitrary choice when the thin wall that laces my sensitive thought process, crashes into a sea of  fury and nothingness. It is my protector, my forever, on it I can rely to never leave or lie to me. I will always want you, I will want you until I draw my last borrowed oxygen.

You are my therapy.
Books are my therapy.