Early Mornings


I love to wake in the morning when the rest of the neighbourhood is indoors minding people’s business.
The feel of that glorious silence riding the back of darkness envelopes into a peaceful retreat. 
When the birds are chirping with no disturbance from traffic;free to not only roam but to conquer the air waves.
The monotonous drip drip dropping of a therapeutic rain makes me smile in content that I am indoors and not drenched in getting home before day break from a fete or a malicious broomstick meandering through keyholes rendering more than nuisance into people’s lives.



I need healing the type that touches your soul.
I need some well meaning fire, oh so very bold,

To awaken the dead bones like Elisha of the old.

To strengthen my core against any magma of hatred frightening to erupt into a hole,

0f contaminated fumes of jealousy exhausts; a series of mould.

Dangerous leeches threatening because they sold

Their freedom for material gain and want Noirfifre to join their fold.

Let that protection circle like a vulture around my being and scold

All their wicked intentions so that they will never cross my threshold!

Top 5 Wednesday/ Books You Felt Betrayed By


Top 5 Wednesday

Hello book world, we are having another go at Top 5 Wednesday with:

March 15th- Books You Felt Betrayed By
–Beware the Ides of March! What books (or characters) did you feel betrayed by, for whatever reason…big or small

Let us dive into it?

1. The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald
“Is that it?” I said after finishing the story. How can a book which features on 98% of Classics books to read, fell so flat. I expected more, I needed more. I needed Gatsby to be more than a love-sick puppy and I needed Daisy to just be more than she is and for the love of narrator will  Nick grow a pair and stick up for himself.At least he had a shred of humanity in the end.

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The world’s oceans are storing up staggering amounts of heat — and it’s even more than we thought


​I have focused over the years mostly on the effects of Climate Change/ Global Warming on humans and dreading Summer and the impending dome of drought. However, it is interesting and informative to consider the Ocean. My one thought on warmer years always turned to “my goodness, more intense hurricanes.” Yet, the effects on the ocean extend to marine life and the beauty of the environment. One may think so what  animals suffer, they will just migrate to a suited temperature. Or its only coral, let it bleach. It is important to note that we do not live a solo life as humans, we need the environment and animals; a fascinating yet daunting reality. If marine life dies through coral bleaching and warmer weather then it means that our body temperature is heating up. I do not know about you but I hate feeling hot and no AC vent will ever replace the natural cool air. You may be able to afford AC but what about hundreds around the world who will die because of heatwaves and thousands force to flee because of raising sea levels in the Pacific. Stop to think if the coral slowing starts decaying how it will impact Australia’ s Barrier Reef. The touristic appeal to these parts may subside because well, there will be nothing to see. A drop in tourism means a negative economic impact for the country.  I urge you to not only think of your piece of square block but think of the earth as yours. Read the article below (link provided) and enlightened yourself about the impact of heat on the ocean especially if you surrounded by the Atlantic and southern seas.