Sinful Cinderella (Dark Fairy Tale Queen #1) by Anita Valle [A Book Review]


Sinful Cinderella by Anita Valle

I absolutely LOVE a Cinderella trope because it is the best fairytale (very subjective) and the summary for Sinful Cinderella read like a good twist. A realistic spin is captivating since I always ponder on Cinderella’s family not recognizing her when she is all dolled and she not rebelling- not even a tiny bit.

Well Sinful Cinderella did more than rebel she straight up lost it! At first, I liked the tone and direction of the story, Cinderella is tired of being a maid and confident in herself but she did a 180 and turned bitch mode on everyone even one stepsister who tried being nice. Imagine she is disrespectful to the one person who tried helping- “Godnutter”. Cinderella twisted character fell flat, the writer did not give her a chance to grow into her role where the reader could follow that murderous twist and turn. It was quite annoying how the novel took on the tone of a fan fiction of the films- Snow White and The Huntsman. The writing could have been better/should have been better because there are not many premises like this writer’s concept.


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