Haiku On Hurricanes

Tight, captured – the eye

of silent wrapped fierce winds

moving over lands, hunt.


Crawling, coming, came

striking a deadly blow, yes.

Washing objects away.


Grief stricken people

lamenting of winds and rain,

yet treading afresh.


I choose the poetry form of  Haiku for this poem about hurricane because of its structure. Haiku creates that tight, powerful imagery through words that I believe works well with events such as hurricanes. When a hurricane moves it is either slow and deadly or fast and deadly and I look at a Haiku almost the same. The movement in a Haiku always hit with a purposeful force (well at least it should, hope I hit someone with a purpose force :P). Haiku and hurricanes moves with little words but effective ways to leave you breathless. I am new to this poetry form, very hesitant at first but moved by capabilities.


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  1. you do nice work with the Haiku form. I am not a poet, at least that is not my primary writing form…I am not fond of the Haiku although have not worked with it. it is fun so far though. I do like the Acrostic form so far.nn


    • I wrote my first Haiku in the February version of this course and it was a struggle. I wondered what I got myself into, however with my practise in my notebook, I think I am getting a hand of it. Practise more, you will soon be writing them in your sleep. If you like, you can check out J M Lysun blog on WordPress, his Haiku are inspiring and beautiful.


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