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A lover and student of History and the environment. Perhaps a girl always at heart, on a journey destination unknown. A blogger influenced by a thing for reading, life happenings and historical matters.

šŸ’A Pursuit of LovešŸ’


LORD you love me, always have and ALWAYS will.
Cascade like a downpour, your Holy Spirit waterfall on me.
You favour me, you favour meee, you will not let me be.
A love so great, you gave your one only son to face death, so that a spiritual expiration I will not fulfill.
Every la-sh, every stroke of my sin, Lord you inhale into your blood.
Absorbing my every wrong, a rushing flood
of my lies that dew your eyes as you plea to your father,
if he would rather not let you suffer.
Yet you persisted in carrying my heavy load, an entanglement
of unequal yokes oxen to relentless pursuits of I shouldnots
but I still tangled.
Yet you pardoned.
Charges Acquitted.


Flickering Flames


Have you ever monitored popping corn?
No sound until the oilĀ  heats to a perfect sizzling.
Then a violent erupting popcando.
Pop, pop, pop-Ā  the lid dancing to waltz off.
Now consider when the Holy Spirit fire touches you,
Like the woman with the issue of blood for 12 years,
After that touch I GUARANTEE you will never be the same.
ā¤ļøā€šŸ”„šŸ’£ A flame to ignite a oneness with Christ Jesus-
A merger of your spirit and the Holy Spirit,
Not a BP oil spill and water resistance but an interwinedĀ  consummationĀ  gift of “tongues of fire” and an eager spirit.
Drink- but likeĀ  Bro David your soul will pant after Yahweh.
Red alert- the popcando fire has erupted the neighbours- The Kernels- to white flowers, a delicacy to receiving folksĀ  pink seas bordered by white walls of terror.
Can’t say the same for The Ananias and Sapphira, a lesson that the Holy Spirit devouring is not always savory.
But hold on, hold on, frightening you is not the intend, only God will judge anyone who is contrary.
So next time you pop corn, watch as the flame flicker and ponder if like John Baptist your heart leaps when you hear of the saviour.

Northanger Abbey [A Book Review]


It is the Jane Austen buddy bosom novel, a tale which makes you feel juvenile and carefree. Northanger Abbey is a friendly story that makes you feel warm and adventurous. The noteĀ Ā guiding in the beginningĀ  is indicative of the influence of theĀ  reading choice of ‘the day’Ā  on the author’s characterization of Catherine, the lead lady of the story.Ā  Additionally, the preview of the “Advertisement by the authoress, to Northanger Abbey’Ā  says

“And that during that period, places, manners, books, and opinions have undergone considerable changes,”

shows how the publisher is aware that the passage of time has an effect on the reader’s perception of a book concerning its social content. It is interesting to note that at the time Jane Austen pennedĀ  Northanger Abbey in 1788-89, Gothic Literature was the popularĀ  reading choice of the day.

There is a school of thought that men only read more sophisticated books however Jane Austen thrashed this belief in Mr. Tilney.Ā  Mr. Tilney is fond of reading andĀ  abreast with the Literacy world ‘sticking’Ā  up for historians. I believe this works out excellently for the story because Jane Austen created an intellectually stimulating hero. Mr. Tilney ‘ nice’ mouth is a result of a mixture of his natural charm and reading. A quality which allowed him to relate to Catherine with such ease, creating a beautiful atmosphere for our heroine to grow fondly of her hero.

AĀ  review written so very long ago and left to nest in The Draft

Emancipation – My Soul


It was either the scissors or the bottle of bleach.

I chose the scissors and it turned into a form of liberation. An emancipation day significant freedom.


It was more than letting the hair go but a shedding of the shackled weight, which was slowly suffocating.

My nostrils of life are slowly allowing in oxygen. Thumbelina is pushing through.

Sinful Cinderella (Dark Fairy Tale Queen #1) by Anita Valle [A Book Review]



Sinful Cinderella by Anita Valle

I absolutely LOVE a Cinderella trope because it is the best fairytale (very subjective) and the summary for Sinful Cinderella read like a good twist. A realistic spin is captivating since I always ponder on Cinderella’s family not recognizing her when she is all dolled and she not rebelling- not even a tiny bit.

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Strawberry Fields by Katie Flynn [A Book Review]


Inspiring Stories

Strawberry Fields by Katie Flynn

I thoroughly enjoyed the way the author took her time to tell this story. Normally, I would stubbornly quarrel when two persons were in the same vicinity and bypass each other unawares but I am not sure if it is my mood or the author’s technique but I felt all the circling around the bush has its special purpose.

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