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A lover and student of History and the environment. Perhaps a girl always at heart, on a journey destination unknown. A blogger influenced by a thing for reading, life happenings and historical matters.

Emancipation – My Soul


It was either the scissors or the bottle of bleach.

I chose the scissors and it turned into a form of liberation. An emancipation day significant freedom.


It was more than letting the hair go but a shedding of the shackled weight, which was slowly suffocating.

My nostrils of life are slowly allowing in oxygen. Thumbelina is pushing through.


Sinful Cinderella (Dark Fairy Tale Queen #1) by Anita Valle [A Book Review]


Sinful Cinderella by Anita Valle

I absolutely LOVE a Cinderella trope because it is the best fairytale (very subjective) and the summary for Sinful Cinderella read like a good twist. A realistic spin is captivating since I always ponder on Cinderella’s family not recognizing her when she is all dolled and she not rebelling- not even a tiny bit.

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Strawberry Fields by Katie Flynn [A Book Review]

Inspiring Stories

Strawberry Fields by Katie Flynn

I thoroughly enjoyed the way the author took her time to tell this story. Normally, I would stubbornly quarrel when two persons were in the same vicinity and bypass each other unawares but I am not sure if it is my mood or the author’s technique but I felt all the circling around the bush has its special purpose.

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To Hair and Back: My Journey Toward Self-love One Strand at a Time by Rhonda Eason [A Book Review]

Memoirs About Hair

To Hair and Back My Journey Toward Self-love One Strand at a Time by Rhonda Eason

I had so much fun reading about Rhonda’s hair journey. Her childhood was certainly drama filled- I felt more inclined to her mom (of all her family members) and I am happy at the end of her adult life, the author gave some hints on how her mom fares. I am happy that Rhonda found an internal peace in her adult life as I too seeks that beautiful calm.

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