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Why Did I Let It Happen?


Mo- ments drawn out of past calamities to painful to forget but easy to remember the caution of not repeating.
Stretched out imagination pinning for an influence to drunk out to respond. 
Tortured thoughts of flash scenes not the thing of the pleasant flash mobs.
“How did I get myself here? ”
“Why did I allow it to happen?”


Happy 15th Birthday Wikipedia



Happy 15th birthday to dear ole Wikipedia.

I am grateful for all those 8 years, you helped me.

My lecturers said we could not quote your work

Because anyone and everyone writes your post.

I understood their views on credibiliy however

Wikipedia you explain so many subjects in a

Simple manner. When I could not understand so many

other, I understood you.

So cheers to you for many years and my frequent visits to

your page.

What Happen To Dreams?


                             ÁWá photograph via Wikimedia.org

What happened to all the dreams as a child, the simple ones to develop a career, providing for myself?

What happened to the days of planning in a journal what I will do by age 25, 30 and so on?

What happened to all the fruits that should fall from hard work?

What happened to 2015 turning into my year?

The answers: NOTHING.

NOTHING good comes out of people like me, the people who be even mad at my struggle. Can you imagine people being jealous of a struggling, suffering person? Is that what the world has turned.

Then you have the ex boyfriend who messed up but will not leave you alone and his girlfriend who is adamant that you are the one who is after him. Someone needs a reality check.

This is not a piece for encouragement or inspiration. It is a frustrated words that need venting.


Fields Bloom In Remembrance

Remembrance Day

Via Magpie Tales

Sailors, soldiers, titled/ranked or not: death was indifferent.

Their bodies mark the parched battle grounds drenching

memories as an everlasting stamp on this land.

Laying in their graves they salute the surroundings with

flourishing poppies, waving their spill blood.

Tall and beautiful the red of each flower tells a tale,

of each fallen man English, German, French…

Do you hear it?


My interpretation for the above photograph for Magpie Tales Prompt for this week. Always remember, that in the midst of war, if you are safe at home someone is out in the elements protecting you. How does that make you feel?

Voices Inside My Head



Magpie Tales Prompt

Screaming thoughts stretching my nerves
into aching arching figures which
creates shadows over mumbling.

What are they saying?
What do they want?
Why do they torment me?
Why do they mock me?

They are touching my memories,
flowing sadness into joy.
Somebody, anybody, HELP!
See them creeping closer and closer.
Nooooo, noooooo

“Noirfifre, Noirfifre, Noirfifre
wake up, wake up, wake up
you were having a nightmare, AG AIN.”

Drenching in sweat, trembling
breathing deeply, in out, in out.
It happened again.

My first attempt at Magpie Tales weekly prompt challenge. The poem is my response/interpretation of the image featured above.

He Drives Me Crazy


COOL PHOTOS 028You make me colour like beet root juice.

You press my buttons although they have no knobs.

I feel you when you are not around.

I feel you holding me, I feel you touching me ever so gently.

But there are time when you infuriate me!

Communication is key, it is a necessary for us to grow and sustain.

Do not ASS- U- ME that I am feeling a certain way if I did not tell you or I showed you to that extent.