Yellow! I am Marren, welcome to my side of the blogging world.

I love reading [p.s I have a thing for hard covered books]. Jane Austen is my favourite author, my favourite novel out of her collection is Persuasion. She is the only author that I have read all her published work. My favourite genres are History, Historical Fiction, Historical Romance and I am fascinated with the Classics. It is my love for reading which encouraged my love for writing. I started with poetry as a girl and composition was one of my favourite subject in early school life. As a teenager, I fell crazy in love with History; from then one of my dreams is to write about history for school children and historical romance stories. As time passed by I scribbled my thoughts everyday in my journal for a few years but my blogging journey began in  late 2012. I write because it is a type of therapy for me, transferring my thoughts from mind to paper provides a calmness and sanity that I need.

My blog aims at community and educational matters.  There is beauty in finding a community with like-minded people whose interaction, whether personal or distant create a place of belonging. A place where we do not have to diverge names and particulars of background, if we do not want to go that extra mile. In addition, I also aim to share information which help persons interested in various aspects of History especially students researching for their papers and projects. Furthermore, my love for reading moves me to write a few book and movie reviews and share material related to reading such as book tags, lists and memes.

As I trod life’s journey, I will share my blogging aims in Poetry and Journal/ Commentaries style. As a romantic person, I often gush about love, lust, attraction and other memories in poetry. As a trained history student, I endeavour to explain Slavery, Protest, War and many other amazing historical account. As a reader, I will share quotes and articles from wiser minds. As a movie lover, a thinker, a being: I share general tidbits which move me to excitement or anger, whatever vibrates my heart.

My blog’s name is partly from the letters of my two favourite things. My favourite colour is yellow and my other favourite thing is History. I combine ‘Yel’ and ‘his,’ leaving the rest to Word Press [Yelhispressing].

Yelhispressing (1)

Share this journey with me. Will you? My current posting is a bit more sporadic and spontaneous.

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  1. Can there be anything better than hard cover books and writing?! I am happy to have made it over to your site. Writing History for children is marvelous indeed.

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  2. I have enjoyed several of your posts. You are indeed talented. Thank You for sharing your therapeutic thoughts… and what a neat way to come up with a title for your blog!


  3. Thank you for liking a comment I made on another blog, else I would not have discovered this wonderful blog. I am excited to read through all the wonderful poetic forms you have penned.


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