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Strawberry Fields by Katie Flynn [A Book Review]

Inspiring Stories

Strawberry Fields by Katie Flynn

I thoroughly enjoyed the way the author took her time to tell this story. Normally, I would stubbornly quarrel when two persons were in the same vicinity and bypass each other unawares but I am not sure if it is my mood or the author’s technique but I felt all the circling around the bush has its special purpose.

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Love and Other Happy Endings [Short Stories Review]


Short Stories About Love

It is an enjoyable short story collection overall leaning towards the happy endings as the title suggests. The type of stories falls under the period novel, classic type of clean romance.  Although I went into the stories knowing that outcome it was still not  predictable – the course of some of the plots. Of course with all short story collections there are a few which stood out but only one did not leap out like the others.

Akin to Love by L.M. Montgomery

Josephine and David love was just awkward and laughable. It was more of a comfort on Josephine part but an endearment on David’s part.

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My Year In Books



Honestly it is not necessary  to post my Goodreads statistics but the My Year In Books is just so pleasing to the eye, I cannot help but share [just so put together and pretty]. I normally do not post all my reviews on here because I do not feel it is necessary. Yelhispressing is not a specific book blog, so my reviews are more on the route of a journal. I have discovered books via blogs in genres I liked, so starting in January 2015 I decided to post a few of my reviews here. Maybe someone will scroll to one of my reads that interests them. Furthermore, it is my love for reading and discovering new books which led to my participation in Top 5 Wednesday. I love meeting people who love reading either for education or entertainment.

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