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Strike A Pose


Magpie Tales

“It will look fabulous,” he said.

“The talk of the town,” he said.

She was the talk of the town for sure.

Looking like the product of a cock-fight with Medusa.

She sure caught everyone’s  attention even Vogue.



A Note For My Readers


Dear Readers,

A gentle note to let you know that I am still in the blogging world. The plan was to recomence sharing posts in March but that did not occur. I guess the saying “we make plans but God is the boss to direct,” rings relevance in this case. I have been around to a few of my fellow bloggers nest but there are still a few that I miss reading. If you have any event coming up send me an email (, so I will not miss the opportunity to support you.

Thank you for reading.

Yours Sincerely,


Time Away


Dear Readers,

For the remainder of February, I will offer no posts on Yelhispressing. I will be around to read others blogs, so do not get confuse when you see me visiting  God willing. I am not involved in any special project, I just need some time away from  from researching for book posts, scheduling, consistently reading blogs and all the rest of blogging shindig. Let me blunt and say I am exhausted and if I do not step away, blogging will become a chore. I need some much needed meditation to prevent occurences in my daily life from flooring me.

Your Blogging Comrade


Prompt Storm 15: Goodbye


Writing Prompt

“All good thing comes to an end,” I have heard so many times in my lifetime.

It rings true once again because at week 16, Prompt Stomp has ended. I feel sad because it is one of the reasons I log in to WordPress on the weekend. To prepare two prompts for Mondays, one of which is Prompt Stomp.

This prompt stood put to me because I joined early, at its third week. In addition, it made me feel like I belong especially because the host (Megan) made me feel that way. I was happy to post every week and I was eager to read what others wrote or captured in photographs especially if the theme tickled me.I think my favourite Prompt Stomp to read was the Light In Our Life with so many lovely photos especially sunrise and sunset. However, my favourite Prompt Stomp to write was about love, that theme covered two weeks.

Prompt Stomp challenged me to write about certain aspects of my life that I was pen shy prior. I felt I overcame it a bit during the Love themes week. Now one section of my WordPress therapy is going, gone.If you are now coming across Prompt Stomp, I leave you with this link to all the weekly topics and responses.

Goodbye Prompt Stomp. 😦

A Curative List Of Creative Writing Competitions in 2016/ Almond Press

Creative Writing Competition

Via Almond Press

“We would like to share with you our curated list of writing competitions scheduled for 2016. Included are details about max word count, associated fees, submission deadlines, and direct links to each event.”

Read more here:


Thank You Dear Readers


My Dear Readers

As I change the year for copyright on widgets from a 5 to a 6, I pause in thinking of time slowly (in the case of 2015 fastly) catching up in a few years spent blogging. Not just sharing information for keepsake because my physical journal has that role but putting out content in hope that someone benefits, someone engages to express a differing opinion or someone just read and amen sister liked the post. I am immensely grateful to all my readers throughout the months, hailing from near and far across the globe. A heartfelt thank you for making Yelhispressing a friend and a research corner.

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4 Top Moving Songs of 2015


I love music, I love how someone’s voice over a rhythm can make me smile, dance (I cannot dance but who cares), reminisce, grin, get teary eye and  all other range of emotions. My  top 5 moving songs of yesteryear are songs that I heard for the first time in 2015 but not necessarily released in that year. These are the songs I heard for the first time and I felt that tingle in my stomach, songs that I listened to over and over.

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Alec and The Swing Set

Magpie Tales

Playground Getty via Magpie Tales

“Mom why can’t I go on the big swing set, every time you keep saying no.” says Alec in a sad tone of voice.

“All my friends share all the stories of their adventures swinging so high in the sky,” Alec continues in a quivering voice.

“You are too young and I think it is dangerous Alec,” Mom replies

“but mommm, I am a big boy,” Alec pleads. “You were the same size as me when grandpop first took you to the park to ride the swing.”

“How did you know what size I…” “Alex who told you that?”

“Grandpop showed me a picture of you holding the swing high up in the sky.” “You were brave and you always tell me Alec be brave, Alec be strong,” replied Alec in a mocking voice.

Mom sighed followed with a pensive look. Alec stood gazing at her with the gentlest expression.

“Fine, you can ride the swing today when we go to the park,” Mom said seconds later.

“yes, yes, yes, thank you mom, thank you,” Alec squealed hugging Mom.

Moral of the story for Magpie Tales 298, old photographs share evidence of all the things parents did, evidence children can use to ride the lean machine of a swing  with friends :D.

Lights In My Life


For Prompt Stomp this week, Megan choose the theme of Lights using three- five photographs showing things that light up my life. Doesn’t it reminds you of the song by Debby Boone?

1. I took  this picture a few years ago and it is one of my favourite sunset pictures. I have a thing for sunsets and sunrises, it is just the light at that time does something funny in my tummy. Hehe

Love Forever


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The Kingdom of El Nino

The Moon: The Kingdom of El Ninos


In a land far away, seriously so far away you need four days and a determined spirit for such journey. Anyways back to the story. In a land so far away, lives a kingdom of the moon. (Why are you laughing in mockery, stick with me). To enter the Kingdom of El Niño you need a special passage through the silver moon which happens every 100,000 years. It is one of the features which also acted as a security for the people of El Niño. The people of El Niño lived long many to 100 years. All Ninos lived in peace with each other, of course there were the normal disagreements but they were all settled in a short period. However, anyone entering through the silver moon picks up a vibrations which makes them disruptive and malicious as soon as their feet touch El Niño soil. Thus Ninos are happy that the passage to their kingdom came once every 100, 000 years and no one left El Ninos not only because there was no way out but because no one wanted to leave.

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