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Superhero Submerge

Super hero

Superhero Jesus by Deus- Nocte via

“You my hero, you already saved the day”

A sentence jumping into my thoughts when I saw the theme for the first Prompt Stomp of 2016. The line is from Trip Lee’s Hero Invasion, a song I listened to so much at university. It definitely made me pause to an extent that I stopped everything, staring at the wall. Reflecting. Thinking of a time that Jesus was my superhero and no matter what circumstance occurred, he was the one to my rescue. It was a true description of “the solid rock” because with him I felt an anchor.  Some call him an imaginary friend but I never had those, I have characters from stories as friends but I cannot recall having imaginary friends. He was real like the characters from stories.

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It Warms My Heart #10: Universal Children’s Day & Universal Mens Day


Since yesterday the 19th of November was International Mens Day and today is Universal Children’s Day I would like to shout all the men out there especially the daddies making time for their babies. I leave you with a video above showing daddies and their babies sharing funny and happy moments. Enjoy 🙂

This weekend make the men and the kids in your life feel extra special.


A Poem For Universal Children’s Day

Let them giggle, let them sing, let them play hide and seek.

Feed them properly but a few snacks will not hurt.

Please do not use the candy to bribe them into silence

because of your indecent touch.

I wish all those fingers would rotten and fall off for such filthy

actions. You have corrupted their innocence creating monsters lurking to destroy from the inside out.

Let their vivid imagination grow, teach them manners but do not shut them up every time the dear child wants to tell you a story.

Spend time with the children.

Please spend time with your children.

Its Warms My Heart #9: Hold On

Mount EVerest

Source: Rdevany via

I want to reach out to you dear reader who feel like Mount Everest left Nepal to settle on your shoulders and  your knees feel sore from fall after fall trying to get that Mt. off your shoulders. Keep climbing  even when you slip, I am climbing invisibly next to you . I am dragging myself up that mountain as well and if I slip or you slip again, we can pull up each other. Do not listen to the people who whisper tales about “how far down the mountain you are and you will never make, anytime soon.” Tell that person “then I will die trying,” and continue walking. So zip your coat higher, get some more water, tighten up these shoes, we are climbing Mount Everest to the top!

Encourage someone this weekend, spread the inspiration we need so much .

It Warms My Heart #8 Friends & Laughter

Laughter and Friends

Credit: Wellcome Library, London. Wellcome Images

That we can laugh at our silly jokes in spite of hurt from different events in our life is heartwarming. I am happy that my friends and I could make time for each other to release stress by cracking up about situations which caused pain.

This weekend for another part of the series It Warms My Heart, think laughter in pain. Get together with your girls/boys and take a trip down memory lane, uncover all the wound and finally drain the pus for a complete healing

Have you experienced a weekend with friends laughing and catching up which made you feel light and happy again. Care to tell me about it in the comment section below?


It Warms My Heart #7: Humble People


Source: “The Princess on a royal visit for the official opening of the community centre on Whitehall Road, Bristol in May 1987” via wikipedia .org

Sometimes fame, education and/or wealth changes the way we treat people, animals and the things around. Some conservationists turn around to waste the water and food, they treated with such care from before. Others become unkind and disrespectful to the low-income bracket that they use to rock with every weekend. Isn’t it sad that a new higher status would change someone so deeply. I am questioning whether the inside was beautiful in the first place.

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It Warms My Heart #6: HGTV Couples


When I turn on the television, my channels are usually: BBC, CNN, HGTV, TNT and Cartoon Network and sometimes Food Network. I am always drawn to couples working together, watching to see how they react in  different situations. Although the show, movie or newscast is usually scripted there are always moment of split second untouched reaction the camera zap. It is  the time where viewers like me forms a  taste to dislike or like of a couple.

My favourite couple on HGTV is Chip and Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper. It is very easy to like them as  separate people and as a couple. Chip is that funny, awkward, loving guy and Joanna is sweet gentle breeze. Together they take run down houses, turning it in loveable and cozy homes for their clients. I like Joanna designs because of the rustic charm that she uses, she makes it look good. You should check out their farm, it has historic quaint and beautiful written all over. It is heartwarming watching Chip and Joanna together, he can still make her blush and she still loves his sense of humour. I like that they can earn a living together, putting the adage of couples working together proves disastrous, to sort of shame. True, I do not see every detail but I see enough to gather a loving, workable situation.

What do you think about couples working together, are you one of them? Let me know down below in the comment section.

It Warms My Heart #5

Smiling In Pain

Source: /tagged/rain%20photography


I fell in love with something that did not love me back. I loved it in a way that I have never had compassion for anyone or another thing. It was not an infatuation, obsessing for a small amount of time. It was something I was willing to give my life. Yet, as in all things of life, the things we love do not usually want to stay but love wings to fly, fly away.

I love History. I pursued an academic life within its world because it made me happy but it killed my purse. I started regretting ever-loving it and I tried to push everything pertaining to it away from, far away. I stopped writing about it, I stopped researching. There were many topics that I kept adding bits and bits of information, some more than a year old but every time I came to my gadget I saw them, so I filed them away, far away. I felt my heart hardening towards History, a word just seeing the letters or hearing the name, passed a thrill through my heart.

That dreadful feeling lasted many weeks but some thing different happened. I cannot remember what particular event is responsible I guess like when you are falling in love, you may not recall what event started the process. I feel the frost slowing dripping away, I wanted my History back though nothing changed with History  as a living. My purse still works like onions making me weep, my financial outlook is still bleak but I still want my History. Maybe History is what I will always love but it may not open the bakery for my bread. So I will stay to using the research tools my lecturers gave me for my own personal research and to share with you tidbits on here. I will try to brainwash people who are around me with my historical love but I will always leave my heart open for History love because in spite of my disappointments it is the only thing which still stirs my soul at the moment.

Have you ever loved a hobby or profession but it never worked out for you but desperately needed to live in its world? Would you mind telling me about it down below? Would you give up everything else in your life for that love?