Birthday Shock [ An Acrostic]


Happy Birthday
Drawn to the practice of accepting presents on my birthday.
I am cool about expecting gifts on the outside but I am
Supper dubber bubbling with excitement on the inside
Anxious to see if my folks picked all the clues I left all over the
Place. What do you think happened dear reader?

Plunge – my heart plummeted like Lakers fans spirit last season.
Oh my,
I love cake thank you very much, I am
Not ungrateful but I am sure the book is cheaper. What happened
To all the hints I spoke, no false indication.I feel like the
Morland girl from Northanger Abbey, receiving the unexpected.
Negative feelings flowing heavy like the Indus in
The monsoon. Ageing sucks today.

Day Two of WordPress poetry course with the poetry type  – Acrostic, with the word prompt ‘gift’ and the literary device ‘simile.’ Have you ever expected a gift after giving so many hints but disappointment when the gift never happened? Let me know in the comment section below.

If you miss my 1st post, for ease of access.





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    • You dropping the hints worst than me, lol. I learn my lesson, I juat say I want a book or nothing. What is amusing is that the book would be way cheaper than we they got. I am saving them money


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