Ageing Sucks


Happy Birthday

It is great growing older remembering the good ole days and such

Nevertheless, ageing sucks when you have nothing to show.

Much of your dreams lying in the sea of desolation,

All the fishes of opportunity swam away from your hook.

Your family labels you a failure because of comparison to a brighter star sibling.

You do not have money and charms to hand out, so no one gives two shits about your existence.

However, you may have hope that one day the tides will change,

As you, actively work to shake that decay off your agenda.

Yet, there are the extra brave ones who love to remind you of your past deadlines.

It is only then you realize sometimes putting an age to an achievement or dream may be unwise.

Its ok to do things after everyone expects of you but it sucks when they relentlessly bug you about babies, marriage…


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