Lovers [ A Prose Poetry]


Goosebumps – tingling to the surface of my sensitive, Mr. creates that effect from those straight aimed glances. There was no need for words which may irate me and deflate Mr.’s Ego. Just the looks generate a spot of moisture, as we inch closer and closer. Still no words but every stare translates an extra pounding of my heart. Should I await for Mr. to cross over lust’s gate or is it my turn to checkmate, judging from his heaving chest? Damn it, I have that itching to migrate your freight all over the place. “Eyes communicate this to Mr.”

Movement – when did Mr. get here? Vii- bra- tions from soft kisses on blushing tight skin. My poor heart is ready for flight with all the fluttering commotion. Instructions from the cockpit warn of turbulence ahead but we will take it, damn-it. Soaring to new glory, far above the clouds, as we collide in delight over candlelight. Screw blemishes, my knight raises above that height transmitting everything into blooming twilight. The moon is right, tonight is a goodnight.

Day Three of Writing 201 class. Today’s poetry form is Prose Poetry, the prompt is ‘Skin’ and the literary device is ‘Internal Rhyme.’

For ease of access, I leave you with Day 1 and Day 2.



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