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Lick You Wet [ An Elegy]


SourceSalon de l’agriculture 2011 – Vanille de Tahiti via commons.m.wikipedia.org

Vanilla, I could remember licking,
tasting, savouring and sighing.
Why did you squeal on me, told my
obsession to my conscience.
I miss your comfort and your smooth texture
and your orgasmic waves on my tongue.

Your scent is like none other in desserts.
How do you get my nose to smile
and my teeth to dance
and my hips to widen, you naughty you.
Or your perfect temperature, cold for hot days
and cold for times of misery.

Such times you are better than these suckers and
Tender on a delicate aching throat
and gentle on the stomach
and just right on my teasing mind to eat more
and more and you were always available
and I scream for you.

Day 8 of Poetry class and the Elegy comes along. I choose to focus on an Elegy of longing since the prompt is ‘flavour.’ I covered or I think I did three stages: sorrow, admiration and solace without any set meter or rhythm, since it is not a traditional topic. I also included the literary device of enumeratio, I notice it quickens my pace to read  many ‘and’ in one sentence.

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Can you guess  the dessert of my Ballad? I would like to hear your answers down below.



Lovers [ A Prose Poetry]


Goosebumps – tingling to the surface of my sensitive, Mr. creates that effect from those straight aimed glances. There was no need for words which may irate me and deflate Mr.’s Ego. Just the looks generate a spot of moisture, as we inch closer and closer. Still no words but every stare translates an extra pounding of my heart. Should I await for Mr. to cross over lust’s gate or is it my turn to checkmate, judging from his heaving chest? Damn it, I have that itching to migrate your freight all over the place. “Eyes communicate this to Mr.”

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Birthday Shock [ An Acrostic]


Happy Birthday
Drawn to the practice of accepting presents on my birthday.
I am cool about expecting gifts on the outside but I am
Supper dubber bubbling with excitement on the inside
Anxious to see if my folks picked all the clues I left all over the
Place. What do you think happened dear reader?
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My Kindle [A Haiku]



Twisting twerking screen

screaming all tech things modern,

small smartly mobile.


Dear Readers,

The above is  a Haiku based on my kindle for Writing 201:Poetry. For the next  two weeks I will be posting more often to complete all assignments for this WordPress  Poetry course. I hope you enjoy the journey with me. What important screens are in your life? Let me know in the comment section below.