Superhero Submerge

Super hero

Superhero Jesus by Deus- Nocte via

“You my hero, you already saved the day”

A sentence jumping into my thoughts when I saw the theme for the first Prompt Stomp of 2016. The line is from Trip Lee’s Hero Invasion, a song I listened to so much at university. It definitely made me pause to an extent that I stopped everything, staring at the wall. Reflecting. Thinking of a time that Jesus was my superhero and no matter what circumstance occurred, he was the one to my rescue. It was a true description of “the solid rock” because with him I felt an anchor.  Some call him an imaginary friend but I never had those, I have characters from stories as friends but I cannot recall having imaginary friends. He was real like the characters from stories.

He is still real but I lost a superhero. I cannot pin point when the change exactly took place but some transformation happened. It feels like a friend that you were once close in relationship but now you no longer speak. You have your memories but you move on with your life because it makes no sense connecting with  someone who does not want the same. I always say communication is a two-way thing but if one person is doing all the communicating all the time, that is stalking. Yes I felt like I was stalking Jesus and he was busy  with other people that he either forget about me or teaching me a lesson. If it is the former, I am cool with that I mean time changes and people with it however if it is the latter then I am over all tough love. There is so much someone can put up with and everyone has a breaking point.



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  1. It’s when you finally break that’s when you’re able to rebuild; maybe even make better than you could ever imagine. So don’t sweat the breaking point. You’ll appreciate it when it’s all over😉Hugs


      • You’ll see it soon… Just hang in there alittle longer. I remember when I was in this really dark place and every once in awhile I still go back there but at least now I’m able to see the reason for certain situation and why I had to experience it.


      • Hopely one day I will see the reason for everything like you. Just today I was mediating about the situation in that aspect of a greater good and purpose out of all that. I am happy you found your way out.

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