Passport Travel In My Head [ An English Ode]



No need to compare any cardinal points,
your latitude connects to such levels
many eyes cannot fathom. Disappoints
some who tried to copy but revels
the rest ready for eye serenading
of glorious views. There is no stopping you,
your longitude waves through hands of ocean.
Your kisses gave earth sites. Promenading
hills- play hide and seek in Japanese yew.
Flustered heart, I drunk up beauty’s potion.

My heart soars to heights of Machu Picchu
nesting in Inca misty terraced fields.
Thoughts falling with Atlantis- atishu,
swimming to Nemo’s Barrier Reef, great yields
winking at their vegan friends. I rest awhile.
Transported, The Great Wall snakes a greeting.
Standing firmly, outlasting all emperors.
See its brother from another mother, smile
for the Lugo people, people meeting
in corners, walking paths as conquerors.

See the Pyramids, the fountain of youth,
secrets spilling to the beast of the Nile.
Serengeti- the nature video booth,
animal planet thee Africa style.
Marvel -Twin Pitons burying the sun,
lighting sunset in Soufriere, St. Lucia.
Up to Hawaii, with its permanent red
diarrhoea. Watch out it will make you run.
The Northern Lights, colours even fuchsia,
all thanks to maps burnt brightly in my head.
Day Five of WordPress POetry class
Poetry Form: Ode
Prompt: Map: I choose a map which gives direction to the historical monuments and natural beauty of earth
Literary Device: Metaphors: There are some vague ones, some place in there.


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