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Concrete Poetry

Day 8 of WordPress class with the form of Concrete or Shape Poetry. We have to shape our poem with words. Since our prompt is ‘cold’ I used a broken heart as my foundation. I also try to include the literacy devices of anaphora and epistrophe.

Thank you for reading and let me know what you think down below.


Straight Street: Rough Waters [ A Ballad]

It is Rough In Those Streets

Rough Seas

Decaying network of evil, see them
breathe their diseased work on the
ideal impressionable young yoke.
Family values are weak from assaults
day in and week out from terrible gossip.

When weed is your best friend,
the deed is almost done. Help!
Is that the keys, handed down to
Eve, to multiply fruits to torture others?
Who made those community legal?

Stop, you cannot weasel your way
through my needle of choice.
Please, leave my different ways, different.
Let me be, be me. Free to choose only three
as friends because mama said 3 is a crowd
and I just want to stay out of trouble.

Day 7 of WordPress poetry class with the ‘Ballad.’ For our prompt today, Neighbours  and the literary device ‘Assonance.’ My poem speaks on my interpretation of the place, I call community. Sadly it is a negative but the truth shall set me free, yes free indeed.

As always, I leave you with the other poems from class: Day 1, Day 2,Day 3,  Day 4, Day 5 and Day 6.


I leave you with a question: Do you live in a neighbourhood where you notice a slow decay (people mannerisms etc), does it bother you? Would you mind telling me about it, in the section below?

A Found Poetry

Chiasmus Example For Found Poetry

Source: Rudyard Kipling’s Commonplaces via Public Domain

I have tried to figure out a Found Poetry using the Chiasmus literary device for many hours and nothing seems to work. I am just going to upload the rough work which barely shows a Chiasmus example. If I spend more time trying to figure this out, I will get too emotional for no reason, adding  a sensitive situation. So I give you the above pitiful work and I hope you do not discredit Rudyard Kipling’s work: Commonplaces. It is an image pulling account of the sea and surroundings, you should check it. Forgive me Kipling.

I include the other poetry days here for easy access: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3,  Day 4 and Day 5.

Am I the only one who sucks at Found Poetry with Chiasmus today? Or is it your best creation to date, tell me about it below?

Passport Travel In My Head [ An English Ode]




No need to compare any cardinal points,
your latitude connects to such levels
many eyes cannot fathom. Disappoints
some who tried to copy but revels
the rest ready for eye serenading
of glorious views. There is no stopping you,
your longitude waves through hands of ocean.
Your kisses gave earth sites. Promenading
hills- play hide and seek in Japanese yew.
Flustered heart, I drunk up beauty’s potion.
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Highway to Heaven[Found Poetry]


St. Lucia: Found Poetry

One of the Four Most Beautiful Islands in the World

Feast your eyes on a tropical paradise!

This 238- square- miles island is 21 miles from its nearest neighbour, Martinique,a French department; 24 miles north of St. Vincent and 100 miles northwest of Barbados.

The brilliant palette speaks of the natural beauty of the

Love the land that gave us birth land of beaches, hills and valleys, fairest isle of all the earth

Take a breathtaking tour of

spectacular waterfalls, and secluded coves, to the majestic view of our

magnificent rainforests,

sunset views, fine white sand,

an island of lush tropical dreams is yours to fall in love with.

See the sights,

the volcano, rainforest and many coastal fishing villages or enjoy last minute cocktails and sunbathing at your hotel

scenic west coast, has long been a favourite film location with its palm-lined sandspit and the steep forested hillsides.

Then you soar like an upside down bird, swooping through coconut fronds, stands of bamboo, enormous tree ferns and mangolong.

Horizontal bands of pure hue flow across the grandeur of famous volcanic mountains,

at the lowermost margin of the work, hot yellow bleeds into alizarin crimson, orange and pale yellow, establishing mountainous shapes silhouetted against pale violet and deep blue skies above.

It’s a great feeling when you roam with

cool, sophisticated, with an accent on art, music and wonderful food, complimented by unobtrusive service.

Ride on the beach, or enjoy time well wasted as you loll around the pool with a cooling drink.

rest your mind and body, then go and experience the rest…

…because it’s easygoing, uncomplicated and unspoilt.

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Musical Lovemaking [ A Short Prose Poetry]

Musical Lovemaking

Source: quoteko.com

I hear  the sweet music of a box guitar and it makes me remember the happy melodies we heir together. Remember when you pluck the strings of my hair, I tried to suck in that C note scream but the sound float the room as we embraced in my falsetto. I tried to conceal the ta da da drumming of my heart but even your genteel fingers brought out the ah, ah, ah. A sweet serenade where skin meets skin in a cascade of chants. Pants, as you blow each key to a vibrating crescendo, our duo raise as I show you to your knees, fallen.


Today I attempted the poetry form of Prose Poetry with the prompt word ‘Fingers’ and the Literary Device: Assonance.

Bad Cowboy Shane

Bad Cowboy Shane

Source: justconservative.com

Shane rode into the sunset, hat bobbing along the horizon.

Chaos he left behind men bleeding, children crying,

women blushing, fainting like fallen soldiers, nothing surprising.

Why oh why Shane did you cause such a hurting.


He slaughtered all the cattle painting the river crimson red

leaving Pleasantville in a horrible lasting stench.

What will they do all the carriages are broken and the horses fled.

Why oh why Shane did you use Billy Bob’s wrench


Second week of poetry class with the poetry form of ballad.