Thank You


Singhpiyush6089 nominated me for the Versatile Bloggers Award. I had to consult my dictionary to double-check what that title means and it says that my fellow blogger, Singh thinks that I capable of writing many topics fairly well. Thank you fellow blogger. Whilst I am very pleased of such honour, I seriously dread it. To be honest, I was hoping that awards would fly by my blog for two different reasons.

Firstly, in my mind I think that now, I have an extra milestone to live up too: what if soon after I get stuck, what if the other readers of the blog think that award does not suit the blog and what if, what if, just piles off but I aim to stay positive most times so I will stop.

The second reason: I see so many awards in my reading journey, that they[awards] seem like decorations weighing down widgets. I always wonder if many bloggers give them just for giving sake [can I be real?].

Rules: Say 7 things about myself and nominate other bloggers.

Seven things about myself:

1. Bloggers awards scare me.

2. I  appreciate honest opinions and I like giving them.

3. I am a mixture of an extrovert and introvert [it is difficult to define].

4. I love rain!

5. I go crazy for sunset and sunrise photos and love seeing them in person even more.

6. I absolutely love reading, my favourite genre is Historical Romance.

7. I love listening to music: Two favourites [Brandy and Justin Timberlake].

I have to nominate others for this award. Please note that if you do not accept awards do not feel pressured into accepting  and if someone nominated you  before, you will pardon me :D. I think, the following bloggers are versatile:

a. Ms Rebel: She blogs about love and some things she likes. She writes mainly in poetry  especially for her views on elements that she calls “Silly.” She is one of my favourite bloggers, I met via Writing201.

b. JoHanna Massey: She has lots of beautiful photos of the elements, people and objects in her life. She also writes poetry and takes take every Sunday to share blogger’s stories that moved her during the week.

c. Randomsby Randoms: She is probably the most versatile blogger that I follow. Her topics range from: romantic love, friendship, quotes, short stories and many more. She writes effortlessly and it makes me eager to see what she will speak about next

d. J. M. Lysun: In my mind, Lysun dissected the world in various quarters using poetry to tell the reader how that aspect works. I am sure, I’ve read about so many topics I cannot mention all but to name a few: weather, love, life’s lesson all wrapped up in beautiful metaphors. If you need inspiration for Haiku, you should definitely check out this blogger.

There are a few other bloggers but I realize they are already nominated and I am not sure the rules in double nominations and how they will react.

The End.


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  1. Awww, thank you so much for the beautiful words. It’s just past dawn here in East Africa , and you’ve made me smile already. 🙂 I actually have already been nominated, but its okay, i accept both 😀


  2. Amazing! Congrats! Well deserved award Noir.
    N thanks for nominating me (now I should be scared!) and for the lovely words. You are one of my very favorites too.
    Always remember, you are awesome! ❤


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