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I Am Over Summer


I am done with summer, I cannot deal with that heat.

I swear I am about to blow a fuse.

I am done with this drought and its lingering dry vibes, I am waiting for the rain to pour and pour.

To feel the chill creeping through my bones creating the sweetest sensation yet.

I am over this humidity, the culprit of that prickling eww heat, driving me insane.



Haiku On Hurricanes


Tight, captured – the eye

of silent wrapped fierce winds

moving over lands, hunt.


Crawling, coming, came

striking a deadly blow, yes.

Washing objects away.


Grief stricken people

lamenting of winds and rain,

yet treading afresh.


I choose the poetry form of  Haiku for this poem about hurricane because of its structure. Haiku creates that tight, powerful imagery through words that I believe works well with events such as hurricanes. When a hurricane moves it is either slow and deadly or fast and deadly and I look at a Haiku almost the same. The movement in a Haiku always hit with a purposeful force (well at least it should, hope I hit someone with a purpose force :P). Haiku and hurricanes moves with little words but effective ways to leave you breathless. I am new to this poetry form, very hesitant at first but moved by capabilities.

Summer Is Overrated!






Thundering outside, noises clashing and banging mirroring the thumping of my heart.

Tense, anxious, flowing with that unpleasant nervous sweat.

What an overwhelming, humid day!

What is so attractive about days where sweat pours down the body like a waterfall?

The mandatory extra time spent shaving, sometimes done in a rush, so oops cuts and bruises.

Bring the rains of Springs, fill my days with coolness I plead.

Heat makes me paranoid, placing me on several months of extra pms.

The days when nothing feels better than having a shower, rahhhh.





All photos from http://www.scorecards.com