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Rock Formations/ Prompt Stomp



For Prompt Storm 15, Megan calls for photographs of Rocks, Gems and Minerals. There were so really cool photos I wanted to share with you (in my head) but my library is not within my reach due to probably permanent technical difficulties. So, instead my contribution focus more on rock formation near the sea due to volcanic activity or sea erosion.


For your viewing pleasure:


1. Petite Piton [One of the twin peaks created by volcanic plugs in Soufriere, St. Lucia]


Relaxing Day In The Islands

Relaxing Day via Yelhispressing


2. Seaside view near Flower Cave, St. Lucy, Barbados

It is Rough In Those Streets

Rough Seas



3. Seaside St. Lucy, Barbados [an inlet instead of the direct pounding of the rough seas.

St. Lucy, Barbados



Haiku On Hurricanes


Tight, captured – the eye

of silent wrapped fierce winds

moving over lands, hunt.


Crawling, coming, came

striking a deadly blow, yes.

Washing objects away.


Grief stricken people

lamenting of winds and rain,

yet treading afresh.


I choose the poetry form of  Haiku for this poem about hurricane because of its structure. Haiku creates that tight, powerful imagery through words that I believe works well with events such as hurricanes. When a hurricane moves it is either slow and deadly or fast and deadly and I look at a Haiku almost the same. The movement in a Haiku always hit with a purposeful force (well at least it should, hope I hit someone with a purpose force :P). Haiku and hurricanes moves with little words but effective ways to leave you breathless. I am new to this poetry form, very hesitant at first but moved by capabilities.