Beep Beep Boop Disaster [A Short Story]


Beep Beep Boop

Once upon there was a girl who took chances with her drafts despite all the hardships and lessons typing offered her during school writing. I do not know why she did not remember the sudden blue computer screen or the infamous accidentally pressing wrong keys situations. Why did she not recall the lost access to an important mailing account which contained crucial information for a deadline. Oh no, she was in her good writing mood with thoughts flowing, she grinned for the computer screen so sweet, one would wonder at her normalcy. When her word count increased, she settled deeper into the chair with a contented sigh but I guess the Writing/Typing Karma Villain was ready to make a move. So this girl wanted to shift her place since the temperature became cooler, unplugged a battery less computer. Now to many, the act appears harmless but this girl committed a great blunder. The foolish girl was busying typing in the beep beep boop editor on WordPress, thus when the computer went lifeless so did her draft she spent hours poking here and there.

“Noooo,” she screamed in dismay and matters turned for the worst when she re-plugged the gadget only to realize her access denied. She sat several minutes lamenting on the earlier times a computer shut down with the sudden no access to history material she researched to the Roman Empire and back, she bemoaned the lost blog posts she was so excited to share with her readers.

“Now it is happening again,” she said tearfully.

Thankfully a knight in writing armour showed up to grant access to the computer but the easy use of the beep beep boop editor does not allow autosave, every word went straight to Lost Word Town. The foolish girl, spend several hours reading articles on how to retrieve lost draft in WordPress but it was all in vain. The stupid girl should know better because she read several months ago about the advantages and slight setback of the beep beep boop editor. She was still sad and a bit mad because she cannot duplicate her writing, she is not so smart to remember word for word.

You may wonder, “did she learn her lesson?”

Yes, every time the foolish girl is on a computer, she goes to her dashboard and makes use of the old autosave editor.


Note: The foolish girl in the story is me, it is not my intention to harm anyone’s feeling who experienced a similar situation.

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  1. I seem to lose what I believe to be important stuff on my computer about or three or four times a year. I am always surprised how my life goes on without it. The WordPress ‘bee bop’ has gotten me twice. I have this fantasy that one day they will all come back to me expertly edited and completed telling me of their cyberspace adventures.


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