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A Curative List Of Creative Writing Competitions in 2016/ Almond Press

Creative Writing Competition

Via Almond Press

“We would like to share with you our curated list of writing competitions scheduled for 2016. Included are details about max word count, associated fees, submission deadlines, and direct links to each event.”

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But the greatest thing by far is to be a master of metaphor. It is the one thing that cannot be learnt from others; and it is also a sign of genius, since a good metaphor implies an intuitive perception of the similarity in dissimilars.

Aristotle on the Art of Poetry (The Poetics)

Oh Aristotle if only you knew how  much I want to master the literary device but it is tricky. I do not understand how, I seem to use it at ease but when someone says, use a metaphor in so and so, I have to dig wells to thine kingdom come, to find some. Have this ever happen to you? Let me know about it down below, how did you overcome the metaphor anxiety?



Metaphor [Quotes]

Beep Beep Boop Disaster [A Short Story]


Beep Beep Boop

Once upon there was a girl who took chances with her drafts despite all the hardships and lessons typing offered her during school writing. I do not know why she did not remember the sudden blue computer screen or the infamous accidentally pressing wrong keys situations. Why did she not recall the lost access to an important mailing account which contained crucial information for a deadline. Oh no, she was in her good writing mood with thoughts flowing, she grinned for the computer screen so sweet, one would wonder at her normalcy. When her word count increased, she settled deeper into the chair with a contented sigh but I guess the Writing/Typing Karma Villain was ready to make a move. So this girl wanted to shift her place since the temperature became cooler, unplugged a battery less computer. Now to many, the act appears harmless but this girl committed a great blunder. The foolish girl was busying typing in the beep beep boop editor on WordPress, thus when the computer went lifeless so did her draft she spent hours poking here and there.
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Pencils & Pens: I Still Rep. The Old School


I Still Handwrite I still have a thing for pencils, you know the one with the short stumpy head that some of you are dying to sharpened to your pointy perfection. Pens are essential as well, the feel of a black ink pen does wonders to a clean slate. However, the lead of a pencil connects in a way with my creative juices that pales in comparison to an ink stain or a sturdy keyboard. Pencils excite me now the same way they did in kindergarten. I stopped collecting pencils with different patterns, words and colour when my niece and little sister spied my stash. At the beginning, I did not want to share when I saw empty spaces in my special cup. Yet, over time, I understood the power of  a pencil and I could not deny my role in encouraging writing.

Pencil time means writing time, it tells me go ahead just write what you think and feel in your journal. It urges me to write unedited, meaning I say it how it is, knowing that no one would see those words. Yes, I do write that way when I use a keyboard but when I edit the grammatical errors and tame the tough lines, the word changes. My pencils and my notepads act as my colouring book when I cross out minute old thoughts without using an eraser. It is a deliberate act which makes my heart content. My journal accepts my words as they are, no protest ever. It is the sketch pad for jotting down the first draft of a journal article. My pencils and my notepad/journal welcomes my poems covered with quotes and doodles in the margins.

My pencil and I have a good thing going on but I do appreciate the keyboard era. Now I just need a way to copy and paste from my notes to my screen.

Story inspired from Daily Prompt: Pens and Pencils

What WordPress Means to Me


It is more than adding post after post.

It is more than waiting for likes & comments.

It is more than watching followers grow and disappear.

It is more than months turning into years.

It is the necessary for relief.

The relief for that addictive,

Craving more and more Word therapy.

It is like Justin said “it is like pusher love, I am hacked up on it.”

It is the late nights when you explore a topic and you turn to highway 101 to one blog.

It is like  finding a treasure chest of gold, when you spend the night,

reading post after post, trying hard not to cry but she/he wrote like they knew you.

It is the sudden feeling that you just stalked a blog with  years of content in one night,

when you hope the owner does not wonder who  is that sleepless freak. 

It is when I read, like and comment not just for the sake of just doing it,

or for navigation back to my page.

It is for that agreement,

the comfort that you gave me.

It is for having my back and not realizing it and that makes it safe for me.

I can travel the world, just like I always wanted

but never the need to grab my passport.

It is for excitement of discovery an artefact,

a 13th century beauty of an old building,

or  heartfelt lines of vulnerability, no pretence or bullshit.

 What does WordPress mean to you?