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Beep Beep Boop Disaster [A Short Story]


Beep Beep Boop

Once upon there was a girl who took chances with her drafts despite all the hardships and lessons typing offered her during school writing. I do not know why she did not remember the sudden blue computer screen or the infamous accidentally pressing wrong keys situations. Why did she not recall the lost access to an important mailing account which contained crucial information for a deadline. Oh no, she was in her good writing mood with thoughts flowing, she grinned for the computer screen so sweet, one would wonder at her normalcy. When her word count increased, she settled deeper into the chair with a contented sigh but I guess the Writing/Typing Karma Villain was ready to make a move. So this girl wanted to shift her place since the temperature became cooler, unplugged a battery less computer. Now to many, the act appears harmless but this girl committed a great blunder. The foolish girl was busying typing in the beep beep boop editor on WordPress, thus when the computer went lifeless so did her draft she spent hours poking here and there.
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