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A Note For My Readers


Dear Readers,

A gentle note to let you know that I am still in the blogging world. The plan was to recomence sharing posts in March but that did not occur. I guess the saying “we make plans but God is the boss to direct,” rings relevance in this case. I have been around to a few of my fellow bloggers nest but there are still a few that I miss reading. If you have any event coming up send me an email (, so I will not miss the opportunity to support you.

Thank you for reading.

Yours Sincerely,



Time Away


Dear Readers,

For the remainder of February, I will offer no posts on Yelhispressing. I will be around to read others blogs, so do not get confuse when you see me visiting  God willing. I am not involved in any special project, I just need some time away from  from researching for book posts, scheduling, consistently reading blogs and all the rest of blogging shindig. Let me blunt and say I am exhausted and if I do not step away, blogging will become a chore. I need some much needed meditation to prevent occurences in my daily life from flooring me.

Your Blogging Comrade


Thank You Dear Readers


My Dear Readers

As I change the year for copyright on widgets from a 5 to a 6, I pause in thinking of time slowly (in the case of 2015 fastly) catching up in a few years spent blogging. Not just sharing information for keepsake because my physical journal has that role but putting out content in hope that someone benefits, someone engages to express a differing opinion or someone just read and amen sister liked the post. I am immensely grateful to all my readers throughout the months, hailing from near and far across the globe. A heartfelt thank you for making Yelhispressing a friend and a research corner.

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Sexuality: Questions


Are all the rainbow images flooding the internet, in celebration of gay rights to marriage or just your inclusion because of what is trending? Is it offensive for straight people to post “straight and proud?” Is it hyprocricy to stand against gay union yet enjoy same sex porn in the shades of your darkened room? Is it moral for a church whose doctrine goes against gay union forced by law to perform same sex marriage? Is it biblically sound that a pastor who preaches against gay union yet indulge in extra marital affairs with singles? Is it sane that bible believers are all for gay unions when they know of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah? Is it fair that agnostic and atheist gays face the discussion of ‘God Against Homosexuality?’ When you are gay, do you choose that lifestyle or were you born that way? Or are you playing around because you have a choice to pick any sex or both sex at the same time or whenever you feel like?

Missing My Friend


“You never miss the water till the well runs dry.”

My laptop is dieing a slow parting journey, difficult more for me I suspect. I am recalling our highs and lows for many days now. Laptoppie is more than a material asset but a friend who introduced me to the world. Typing on other devices is a pain in the neck with increase typos and pressing sensitive keys which ends in lost posts and status. My friend is going away with time consuming research which may be lost. which makes me sad and nervous.

National Poetry Month



It is my first time acknowledging  National Poetry Month, Yaaa Woo, yeahh [stop? ok].

As an English Literature student, my teachers focused more on interpretation and analysis of poems than structure of published poems or students original poems. Hence I spent years contented with just pencilling poems just anyway that I wanted. Then came Writing201: Poetry here on WordPress and it light a fire under my poetry erhem, suddenly I became so eager to learn formations in poetry. I knew about some of the forms of poetry but never dug deeper to learn the rules and regulations. For National Poetry Month, I aim to continue my new found desire to learn more not just practising but sharing some poems from poets across the globe.

So you know by now I will interest you in a history of anything, so here we go :D.

In April 1996, the Academy of American Poets organized the first National Poetry Month as a way to foster more interest in poetry in the United States. As a result, the Library of Congress and a few poetry reading hosts, teachers, publishers, librarians, booksellers and other literacy groups came together to host a variety of poetry related events. Over the years, the activities receive widespread recognition with more students and non-published poets devoting 30 days or so just for poetry. According to the Academy of American Poets, National Poetry Month is, “the largest literary celebration in the world.”

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Another One


My heart start shaking, mercy I am nominated for another award but when I realize what it entailed my heart smiled a bit. Thank you Laura Clark for thinking that I deserve the Real Neat Award Blog. Behind the scenes I work tirelessly to make sure that Yelhispressing is presentable and easy to read. I add and subtract widgets that I wonder if anyone notices, haha.


I need to answer 7 questions:

1) You have $1 million and 24 hours to spend it. What do you buy?

Not what I would buy but what I would pay off, all my debts. Yesssss :).

2) If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you choose?

New Zealand

3) Do you prefer to blog on your phone, tablet or computer and why?

On my computer, just for the wider screen and keyboard.

4) Tell me about your proudest moment?

Reading for my BA C degree in History

5) What job did you want to have when you were a child?


6) Do you find blogging relaxing?

Yes [both writing and reading], if it wasn’t I would stop.

7) Has the original purpose of your blog changed? If so, how?

No and I think it will stay the same: writing for therapy and community[history and love: articles and poems]

Ms. Rebel, I thought of you immediately when I received The Real Neat Blog Award. Your blog is so easy to click around that I can stay on there for a long time [I have :P]. I think it is a combination of your theme and the way you structure your headline, font colour and size, categories etc.  It is just beautiful. It is the truth, I would not say it if it was not :P. So long story short, I dub thee The Real Neat Blog Award. :D. Feel free to answer the same questions that I did.

Thank You


Singhpiyush6089 nominated me for the Versatile Bloggers Award. I had to consult my dictionary to double-check what that title means and it says that my fellow blogger, Singh thinks that I capable of writing many topics fairly well. Thank you fellow blogger. Whilst I am very pleased of such honour, I seriously dread it. To be honest, I was hoping that awards would fly by my blog for two different reasons.

Firstly, in my mind I think that now, I have an extra milestone to live up too: what if soon after I get stuck, what if the other readers of the blog think that award does not suit the blog and what if, what if, just piles off but I aim to stay positive most times so I will stop.

The second reason: I see so many awards in my reading journey, that they[awards] seem like decorations weighing down widgets. I always wonder if many bloggers give them just for giving sake [can I be real?].

Rules: Say 7 things about myself and nominate other bloggers.

Seven things about myself:

1. Bloggers awards scare me.

2. I  appreciate honest opinions and I like giving them.

3. I am a mixture of an extrovert and introvert [it is difficult to define].

4. I love rain!

5. I go crazy for sunset and sunrise photos and love seeing them in person even more.

6. I absolutely love reading, my favourite genre is Historical Romance.

7. I love listening to music: Two favourites [Brandy and Justin Timberlake].

I have to nominate others for this award. Please note that if you do not accept awards do not feel pressured into accepting  and if someone nominated you  before, you will pardon me :D. I think, the following bloggers are versatile:

a. Ms Rebel: She blogs about love and some things she likes. She writes mainly in poetry  especially for her views on elements that she calls “Silly.” She is one of my favourite bloggers, I met via Writing201.

b. JoHanna Massey: She has lots of beautiful photos of the elements, people and objects in her life. She also writes poetry and takes take every Sunday to share blogger’s stories that moved her during the week.

c. Randomsby Randoms: She is probably the most versatile blogger that I follow. Her topics range from: romantic love, friendship, quotes, short stories and many more. She writes effortlessly and it makes me eager to see what she will speak about next

d. J. M. Lysun: In my mind, Lysun dissected the world in various quarters using poetry to tell the reader how that aspect works. I am sure, I’ve read about so many topics I cannot mention all but to name a few: weather, love, life’s lesson all wrapped up in beautiful metaphors. If you need inspiration for Haiku, you should definitely check out this blogger.

There are a few other bloggers but I realize they are already nominated and I am not sure the rules in double nominations and how they will react.

The End.