Common Love [A Sonnet]


Two weeks of purpose, interaction much

with a prompt to head to the Commons.

Extra hook for more, hook extra and such,

never will I deny, deny I will never the summons.

Next, I will cherish, the attachment formed,

tuned in for inspiration, more encouragement.

reading blogs for a day, a day for blogs reading, conformed.

Read to live, live to read, no discouragement.

Then we grow, each in different ways.

We share, heal, teach, live and communicate,

hopefully we are rays of sun, sun of rays.

Let us always motivate, motivate always to rejuvenate

but I need to add extra to my blogging passport paper.

This is not goodbye, this is see you later.


Poetry Form: Sonnet

Prompt: Future: Sigh, the end is here but the future means I will read more of interesting blogs I found because of Writing201.

Literary Device: Chiasmus

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