Love: What It Means To Me

Love Poem


Love is always God

A deep moving force.

Love could be scary

when I see hurt

but I can’t do anything.

Love is looking at

your bright eyes with

swelling in my heart,

the pleasant type because

love keeps me growing.


singhpiyush6089 invited me to write what ‘love’ means to me in ten sentences of four words each. He also asked for my favourite quote about love, I do not have a one but “God is love,” immediately came to mind. I have to nominate 10 other bloggers to spread love on WordPress:
*Bite Size Canada
*JoHanna Massey
Ms Rebel
*Colleen Knight
*Let It Come From The Heart
*Sexy Celibate
*Blissful Nomad
Anyone reading this poem, if you feel incline go ahead and write a poem about what ‘love’ means to you, let us cover WordPress in and with LOVE.


11 responses »

  1. This was so sweet n cute, just like you! 🙂
    N I almost didn’t recognize my own nomination! Ms Rebel… Hehe
    I like it. Thanks. This is a big challenge for me. I hope I can write as good as you did, Noirfifre 🙂


    • awww :D. Thanks. Can I call you Ms Rebel? That name comes to mind when I think of your blog? Hehe. I have confidence that you can write even better, you have the gift of making words flow on paper. This is not mere flattery, it is the truth.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Awwww 😀 (ya this is my thing too!) see, that’s why i said you are really sweet!! Thanks so much (even if it wasn’t flattery, yet I’m flattered!). This is indeed the nicest compliment I’ve gotten here on WordPress so far… Thank you! 🙂
    N yes of course you can call me that, already said I like it 😉
    But only if I get to call you Noir 😀
    What say?!


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