February Theme Reading


Books About Love

Continuing my 2016 theme reading, a hearty welcome to the best month of the year (yes bias). February is generally consider the love month when millions focus on chocolates, red and white and lingerie. Oops, I meant when many choose a special date to reflect on love and family relationship :D.


Since I am a sucker for love stories, my reading choices will extend to gentle romances or what the authors call ‘clean romance’ and family relationships. I am at a stage in life when I am rediscovering or refalling in love with love, so my taste is for budding love where couples focus mostly on getting to know each other emotionally and mentally and less physically.

At the end of the month I will update this post with the books read.

Happy February reading :).


February Reads

  1. Love And Other Happy Endings Edited by M. R. Nelson
  2. Georgiana  Darcy’s Dairy by Anna Elliot
  3. Bleak House by Charles Dickens

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