Love and Other Happy Endings [Short Stories Review]


Short Stories About Love

It is an enjoyable short story collection overall leaning towards the happy endings as the title suggests. The type of stories falls under the period novel, classic type of clean romance.  Although I went into the stories knowing that outcome it was still not  predictable – the course of some of the plots. Of course with all short story collections there are a few which stood out but only one did not leap out like the others.

Akin to Love by L.M. Montgomery

Josephine and David love was just awkward and laughable. It was more of a comfort on Josephine part but an endearment on David’s part.

The Singing Lesson by Katherine Mansfield

Miss Meadows character clearly demonstrates how an author can use emotion to effectively communicate with readers. A short story with a clear visual that I saw Miss Meadows sash saying down the aisle to the podium to direct her students. Poor younger students weeping because of the change in Miss Meadows voice and demeanor is a pull to find out more. Miss Meadows is clearly one of those teachers who let their personal drama affect their interaction with students. Her dilemma with her fiancée Basil could play out in a longer story.


Mr. Lismore and the Widow by Wilkie Collins

A mystery at the end which left me wondering.

The Other Man’s Wife by James Oliver Curwood

Such a moving story but you can only feel the inspiration based on the last paragraph of the story. The setting is one which pulls me into historical description. One where the view is so clear and clean I can smell the fresh breeze and see the blue sky and the stars twinkling at nights.


A reading for February Theme Reading


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