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February Theme Reading


Books About Love

Continuing my 2016 theme reading, a hearty welcome to the best month of the year (yes bias). February is generally consider the love month when millions focus on chocolates, red and white and lingerie. Oops, I meant when many choose a special date to reflect on love and family relationship :D.


Since I am a sucker for love stories, my reading choices will extend to gentle romances or what the authors call ‘clean romance’ and family relationships. I am at a stage in life when I am rediscovering or refalling in love with love, so my taste is for budding love where couples focus mostly on getting to know each other emotionally and mentally and less physically.

At the end of the month I will update this post with the books read.

Happy February reading :).


February Reads

  1. Love And Other Happy Endings Edited by M. R. Nelson
  2. Georgiana  Darcy’s Dairy by Anna Elliot
  3. Bleak House by Charles Dickens

My Best 2015 Books/ Top 5 Wednesday


Yes my friends it is that time when Wednes-dayers gush about their best books of 2015. Alas fair friends the year comes to an end, honestly by the first week of December I just cannot wait for the next year and new beginnings. However, this year whooped by like the violent winds of a concluded hurricane season. Ok I will shut up and get back on topic. My 2015 reads were not fantastic, most of the books I read were meh, just ok but the five books below stood out.

Let us dive into it:

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The High School Musical Tag

High School Musical

High School Musical Character Via Wikipedia.org

I LOVE  the High School Musical movies and I just cannot believe I have not done a book tag in its honour. I came across two such book tags on YouTube, one in English and one in Spanish who both claim originality.

Let us get into it:

1. The Start of Something New – A new favourite genre/author/series

Price of Privilege Trilogy

Via amazon.com

Price of Privilege Trilogy by Jessica Dotta. I fell for the first book and finally have in my possession book two which I am excited to read.

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My Year In Books



Honestly it is not necessary  to post my Goodreads statistics but the My Year In Books is just so pleasing to the eye, I cannot help but share [just so put together and pretty]. I normally do not post all my reviews on here because I do not feel it is necessary. Yelhispressing is not a specific book blog, so my reviews are more on the route of a journal. I have discovered books via blogs in genres I liked, so starting in January 2015 I decided to post a few of my reviews here. Maybe someone will scroll to one of my reads that interests them. Furthermore, it is my love for reading and discovering new books which led to my participation in Top 5 Wednesday. I love meeting people who love reading either for education or entertainment.

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Series Read 2016/ Top 5 Wednesday


Top 5 Wednesday

Hello people, it is another Wednesday in the life of Top 5 Wednesday book meme. This week we dive into series reading, so  dear readers (like myself) get a chance to think about the books in series we want to start reading. I am into Historical Fiction, Period Novels, Romance , some thrillers and Mystery. So I will share the 5 series that I really want to read in those genres.

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Books to Read by the Fire /Top 5 Wednesday


Do you love to snuggle to read books? If yes, then you are in for a treat this week with Top 5 Wednesday. We are visiting five books to read by the fire,  so go ahead to the Goodreads groups, you may find books you forgot about and books you love. It is a time for you to have a chat with other book lovers about those books.

Let us dive into it:

1. Romance Novel

This is  my review of the book:

My first read for 2014, I know, hold the knives! (Grins). It is an amazing story of how two people, guided by God, submitted to love, eradicating barriers of fear and stubbornness to conquer their doubts, in the end. It is a heartwarming read for cold weather!

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What/Why I Love


Your non-physical touch unfolded my heart like a flower in the beginning of bloom.

You made me responsive and hungry for your love just as a bee sucking the attractive nectar.

I remember when I felt that small yawning inside, too nervous to think about it, let alone admit it.

Then came the Lion roaring in my chest and it scared the daylights out of me like the sun dipping over the horizon.

I remember when I first met you, dealing over the affairs of History. I was too busy sorting out the loose ends of our project to notice you but when I did, boy oh boy did I  love what I heard.

Like Jojo “I am a sucker for a guy with a beautiful mind” and you were that man.

Our minds dance over ideas and debates of politics, history, family and religion. Our discussions became food, an insatiable delight.

I suspect my head fell for you before my heart, a heart that you once ask me to follow.

It is a puzzle, like Charlotte in a web I wrote my heart on my sleeves without realizing my actions.

My heart cried bullets of despair when I caught how far my ship sailed into your harbour. I gave so much without any discussion of exclusivity.

Your name was always in my head along with a goofy grin when I recall something you said and/or did.

Your stubbornness collided into my stubbornness into a boiling pot of too much comfort with each other

Although time has faded the urgency of feelings your essence still hugs my being. I no longer beat up myself for thinking of you. It is what it is…

Prompt Storm 11: Why/Why I love


To Die Once [A Book Review]


To Die Once

A few pages into the story and I was eye rolling and sulking because of Jennifer’s characterization.. She was borderline into a trope that I hate: setting a female character as strong-willed but allowing a man to break all her rules by page 20, that she appears weak. However, I kept reading because the book summary looked promising.

I have a like and dislike status for Jennifer. She reminds me a bit of myself in some of her circumstances but  her goody to shoes attitude is a turn off because she is clearly far from that but her character change despite her stubborn streak is admirable. Now, Rodrigo is the  character who held the inspirational aspect of the story. His development is sometimes unbelievable but he has that appeal despite his flaws.

The way Miranda Uyeh [the author] broke down the plot shows her ability to lift a story and explore all its ins and out. I will admit in the middle of the story,  the outcome of the Romance aspect  annoyed me but the author skillfully linked it with suspense which intrigued me to read more. The mystery surrounding Stefano and Rodrigo’s past was a great plot twist. I found myself exclaiming “I knew it, I knew it, I knew it,” as my heart raced.  The descriptive language with the change of scene from Nigeria to Italy to London is beautiful. I could see the boat scene, the bank scene, the estate, the river, the gun scenes etc. Ms Uyeh used the same method for dialogue/emotional exchange to an entertaining level, although all the crying got on my last nerves.

For me what stood out the most was the way the author used the inspirational/christian aspect in the story. It is one of the few times that I have seen an author used a novel to show petty judging, forgiveness, unequally yoked in a romantic relationship without an overbearing spiritual heaviness. She kept it real with “two men, one woman, a rosebush… a terrible past, an uncertain future.”

*Miranda A. Uyeh [the author] reached out to me as part of her promotional tour for her novel. I shared the summary of her novel on my social media platforms because the book summary piqued my interest. After a short conversation, the author offered a copy of the novel if it interested me, of course I said yes ;).*

Second Chance Ranch: The Circle D [A Book Review]


Book Review

I am drawn to some of the words of certain characters in the story. In the end, I called them quotes, scribbling them down for future use. For example when Zac said “folks are always saying history repeats itself. How about history repairing itself.” I could not help but smile, then think. Except for one sentence which left me confused, the author’s sentence structure always pulled me in for more. The way she compared feelings to nature [use of simile and metaphors] is beautiful.

It is easy to tell that her dialogue and plot centred around a Christian theme. The author did not stuff scriptures all willy nilly, they all flowed with the story. Praying formed the basis for many decisions and I am not here to judge Zac and Jennifer’s past life. I like how the author developed the flow of their relationship. Although they were both disappointed in each other, they still communicated. I love that the Jennifer told him the secret as soon as it resurfaced in the story and they still acted civil towards each other. In my opinion, this is the way, the author would convince me that Zac and Jennifer love each other in spite of all the lack of communication and decisions from the past. If all they did was throw verbal daggers and stayed away forever then it would defeat the Christian theme and when the author tried forming an attachment between the two, it would seem force. In my opinion, there was the right amount of anger and reason- hey we are all human.

Their courtship gave the realistic dose of moral. Their making out scenes of kissing and holding created the image of their deep attraction. Even when they wanted more than kissing they never passed that threshold because after all it is part of the Christian etiquette. Second chances without repeating the same steps of before. The novel title indeed sums up the story and the cover photo gives a taste of the scenery.

A Book Review for Reading Month 2015. What do you think about  the Christian theme in Romance Novels?

Ingrid by Lynnette Kraft [A Book Review]


Book Review What a heart warming and engaging way to begin a novel: the descriptive birth of two babies entrusted with a mission at that early age. With the use of fantasy and the help of illustration at the beginning of each chapter, the author did a terrific work in showing the novel’s aim at forgiving, loving and togetherness both at the family and community level.

I am not a fantasy reader, so I was hesitant about the role of the mystic lights of the Kumbion creatures, however they played a salient part in showing the outstanding people of Scot, although I am still a bit questioning about their appearances. If you are looking for a novel about people living in a community with togetherness, this is the novel. It is a good story for any age, the bad repents and the good heals. It is indeed a feel good story. It is believable [except the Kumbion creature], the time each scene took, reflected on a period of real horse power, where everyone knew each other in the settlement. I felt that when the author allowed the eventual railway construction into Scot, it was a way of spreading Scot love to everyone instead of trapping it within the city. Scot was on the verge of its modernization.

I was disappointed that Ingrid did not attain that extra blessing but since she was ok with the situation, then I should leave it alone. Most times people are hero(ines) not for what they could gain in the end but simply to help the ones in need. The character transformations were so magnificent and touching, it made me wish that I lived in a village like Scot.