Rock Formations/ Prompt Stomp



For Prompt Storm 15, Megan calls for photographs of Rocks, Gems and Minerals. There were so really cool photos I wanted to share with you (in my head) but my library is not within my reach due to probably permanent technical difficulties. So, instead my contribution focus more on rock formation near the sea due to volcanic activity or sea erosion.


For your viewing pleasure:


1. Petite Piton [One of the twin peaks created by volcanic plugs in Soufriere, St. Lucia]


Relaxing Day In The Islands

Relaxing Day via Yelhispressing


2. Seaside view near Flower Cave, St. Lucy, Barbados

It is Rough In Those Streets

Rough Seas



3. Seaside St. Lucy, Barbados [an inlet instead of the direct pounding of the rough seas.

St. Lucy, Barbados


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  1. It has been some years since I have seen the twin peaks at Soufriere. What I recall is way up high, take the breath from your body views, diving off shore in the most alive coral reef I had ever experienced, and a potential for mischief I would steer clear of.

    A beautiful, powerful photo/essay. Thank you for sharing.

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