Buzz Words That Make You Buy| Top 5 Wednesday


Top 5 Wednesday

Hey all people, happy Wednesday and greetings in the name of another Top 5 Wednesday. Don’t you look forward to this day of the week? It is definitely a chance to read so many opinions on a new book topic. This week we take a look at favourite buzz words, you know that key word which make you “yes this one is for the buying/getting.” This week Top 5 Wednesday sums up my favourite types of books to read.


Let us dive into it:


1. Jane Austen

What? Did somebody say Jane Austen? Where? How? Why?

That name is one guarantee to make me stop and stare. Although yours truly is a bit cautious now to read the summary because of earlier burns by some authors taking Jane Austen name and books and turning  it into a sieving heap of nonsense. However, in the past the name Jane Austen played peek-a -boo through the book cover with my book spirit, seconds later: myself paying for books at the cashier sans reading even the summary at the back.


2. History/Historical

Sigh, History is one of the most beautiful things ever, a delightful read  of stories based on events in the past. It is more than remembering dates or caught up in the past. It is living in the present but able to transport to another world, finding out a different lifestyle. What happened to the boys in the London Tower? Who really killed Martin Luther King? Do you know that perhaps you are living on top an old cemetery? Yes, finding answers to questions and hopefully learning from the past to make a better future. [Any book converters to History or History Fiction? Yes, let the book church say Amen].



3. Literature/Classic

An appealing description of a narrative which usually takes the reader on a journey. One showing a possible downfall and the author pulls us into the story by colourful language either through literary devices such as metaphors and analogy. Or a unique or popular writing style of dry humour or second person narrative. Literature is the sort of story read from the 13th century and still relevant today, fitting into the classic non-genre bracket. The types of books used for school lesson for many subjects especially English Literature. That buzz word Literature or classic makes my eyebrows lift in interest and stop for a read and resulting in complete works buy and separate books from the same author.



4. Romance

Romantic girl at heart here, so I love love stories of two people meeting and falling in love either through a tough or easy situation. However, I am not into love triangle ( I am not sure why but I just felt the need to put it out there.)  If the story main characters are in a historical setting it is even better.  Throw in some highlanders on horses riding to the south and it is a guaranteed buy. I do like some sizzling telling now and then but generally  prefer  when the plot flows  on a gentle budding friendship into a charming romance- clean romance.


5. Mystery

My childhood readings! Yes, problem solving in series such as Boxcar Children, Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys got me so involved in solving cases that the idea of a detective career trickled through my mind. However, I took that analysis to History in my teen years. The cosy mysteries are the best, not too spooky or eerie just the right amount of clues and suspense. They are nostalgia reads, one I am eager to buy because it has a setting of children talent, children making proper use of their vacation and children respected by adults for helping out.


JANE AUSTEN, HISTORY, LITERATURE, ROMANCE AND MYSTERY are my ideal buzz words buy. What are yours?



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