Retellings/Top 5 Wednesday


Whatzup Wednesday people! Welcome to another meme for Top 5 Wednesday. Today I share with you favourite/best retellings of biographies and spin-off from classics.

Let us dive into it:

1. Jane Austen
Out of 5 biographies on my favourite author Jane Austen that I read, Jane Austen- Her Life and Letters- A Family Record stands out.

2. Jane Austen
Jane Austen Pride and Prejudice is the only work of the author that I have read modern retellings. [ Can anyone recommend a retelling of any of the other novels?]
Out of the lot, Impressions (first of the Austen Series) by Debra White Smith stands out for me.
3. Story of Jonathan from the Bible
From the many stories of Jonathan, Saul and David, The Prince one is more alive and sort of fills up blank spaces from the bible.
4. Christopher Columbus
Out of all the historical texts reading of Christopher Columbus, my favourite is the story by Bennie Rhodes. It is different focusing more on the life of Columbus as a missionary thus giving me another view to his exploration and actions in the New World.

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