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Normally, I use Goodreads to keep track of the books that I remember reading. When I store such information on the best book media on earth, the system gives me in return statistics with little effort. An example is the most read authors from my list. I realize from that stat, I do not normally read more than one book from many authors. The only authors I have read more than three/four books is Jane Austen, that would make sense because she is my favourite author.

In addition, my most read authors corresponds with my most owned authors. Now I have a small physical library of not more than 100 books (not counting the borrowed never returned- my heart still cries for especially one copy), so it is easy to keep track of the authors. Some usually stay on my mind even if I read only one book for example Harper Lee but other times authors names are not on the tip of my tongue. It is only just a few years back, I made an effort to remember authors. It may sound stupid but my aim is always to recall the story and perhaps the book title. I guess this is why many of the books I read before I cannot recollect the author or title but mere fragments of the story.

Some of my most read/owned authors:

Jane Austen

Philippa Gregory

Debra White Smith

James Patterson

Who are your most read authors? let me know below in the comments section.


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  1. Yes! Jane Austen is wonderful. I’m not big on novels but I love Jane Austen. I’ve seen all the movie versions of her books as well😊


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