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Have you ever experienced that feeling of remembering some details for a book that you read some ages ago but the memory stops there. Sometimes you cannot recall the characters names but you can give tidbits of the places they visited and some of their family background. Even more of a challenge is absolutely zero recollection of the author or even the name of the book.

I tried searching the web, entering the details I know but that did not work. I spent hours searching Goodreads lists of books of similar genre but that also did not work.  I ask my folks around  if they perhaps have heard of the books but no one knew. After months and sometimes years of searching, I thought “hey I should ask readers on WordPress for help.” I will write a bit of what I know of the book and if the story sounds familiar please do let me know because I want to read the stories again. I also urge you to do the same, create a post and ask readers for help in locating a book. It is similar to Goodreads ‘What Is The Name Of That Book.’ It is  a group, I always take a peek at because I like helping others find books and perhaps I will stumble on my lost books.

Story Details:

1.He owns the ship and on the first day he arrives in port he meets a girl who he thinks is a prostitute because his foreman/right hand man brings her to him. However, it was a mix up she went to the foreman because she thought he knew her secret of stabbing a relation who was trying to force himself on her. She thought the foreman was sort of police. The man who owns the ship takes the girl virginity. He was shock because he thought she was a prostitute. He decides to keep her around but one day he goes off the ship she escapes to head back home. The woman who was raising her, I am not sure if she was her mother or aunt finds out she is pregnant when she saw her bathing. She demands to know who is the father , which took them back to the port. The owner of the ship marries the girl and takes her back to his home. He lives in an ancestral home. The marriage is not based on love but on the pregnancy but the story shows how they gradually grew to love each other. The baby is a boy called Beau, he has a cup with the name on it.


2.He marries the young woman to prevent her from going into an arranged marriage put together by her guardians.  They journey off to his estate which was a very long way across. Due to misunderstood communications between her husband and some other woman, the wife thinks her husband has an eye on another woman. She then trusts another man to take her home but he kidnaps her, taking her to a spot where she and many other captive women make their way on a long journey to a fame Madame Bovary. This woman is a pimp who sells off the woman to man at an auction. She sells the young woman to a gay man and she helps him with her business. In the mean time, her husbands tracks her down but misunderstands her relationship with the shop owner but in a random act, seduces her and leaves. She becomes pregnant and sooner gets the “blessing” of the shop owner to leave. She heads back home with a son, who looks exactly like her husband. I remember a lot of miscommunication with this story.


Both of the examples I give were Historical Fiction. Do you by chance know any of the stories? Do you have any stories you remember but cannot recall the author or book title? Tell me about it below, I may know or write a post and readers for help.



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  1. I love the first story. It sounds like it would be a wonderful book to read; and, even make a more wonderful movie. I like the ending


      • Maybe you can google what you remembered about the book and see what happen… I know it could be difficult. But, that sounds like a book I would love to read.


      • I have tried that for the past three years or so. I tried all techniques. The fragments of the story I know just keep coming back to me and I just want the book to reread and cherish, haha.

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      • It will come to you again one day when you least expect it. You might just pass by a book store or a garage sale and find it there😉


      • I so hope and wish. I thought it was a book I owned but it is not since I read/reread all unfamiliar authors on my shelf in 2013/2014.


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