It Warms My Heart #2

It warms My Heart/ Short Story

Source:Oliwer Larsson via

Awww, I love to see old love, don’t you? Doesn’t it warm your heart when you see an aged couple walking hand in hand or hugging? It is absolutely sweet, whether they are married or not, it is especially beautiful when I come across a couple who is on a love journey for 30 years or 40 years.

One set of my grandparents were married and together till death did my grandpa part, my grandpa raised my grandmother’s children she had from a previous relationship. He was the best grandpa ever and he loved all his grandchildren especially my dad’s :D.

I remember in the past, every Friday seeing an old couple on a side of town I used to frequent. The lady always pass first slightly ahead of the gentleman, they were sometimes silent or engaged in conversation. I know it is rude to stare but I could not help watching them, smiling. There is also my favourite older couple on TV from the Swiffer Wet Jet advertisement, Lee and Morty Kaufman. Isn’t it heartwarming how he is concern about her standing on a chair and how she goes “Morty, Morty?”


Warm someone’s heart this weekend, spread the love and pleasantries. 🙂 Happy Weekending.


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