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It Warms My Heart #13: The Actions of Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King, Jr., showing his medallion received from Mayor Wagner. Image via wikipedia.org

January 15th marks the spot,

the spot that place the dot

of a man nurtured for a cause.

Colour, power – could not pause

the work he came to do.


To organise Montgomery bus strike

after Rosa Parks’s arrest.

Result: US Supreme Court said

segregation on buses is illegal.

One step ahead for blacks.

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The Smiling Stage/ It Warms My Heart #12

Always Smile: Its Contagious


Now I can laugh my belly out when I look back.

Before, I would chew your head off

But now the calm after my possible storm

Laughs at my gullibility.

How about a laugh for my naivety,

You never believe I would fall for that, right?

Yes, I did but I learn my lessons.

Sharpened my pencils,

Fed my memory tank,

Dust my shoes pulling up my socks.

You cannot try the same trick twice,

So go away, far away and stay there.


This weekend my peeps, I urge you to laugh off that time you err and lace up to continue your journey. Do not let that silly pest keep you down. I encourage you to shout “you are defeated” and dance off into your day. Smile it looks good on you.


It Warms My Heart #10: Universal Children’s Day & Universal Mens Day


Since yesterday the 19th of November was International Mens Day and today is Universal Children’s Day I would like to shout all the men out there especially the daddies making time for their babies. I leave you with a video above showing daddies and their babies sharing funny and happy moments. Enjoy 🙂

This weekend make the men and the kids in your life feel extra special.


A Poem For Universal Children’s Day

Let them giggle, let them sing, let them play hide and seek.

Feed them properly but a few snacks will not hurt.

Please do not use the candy to bribe them into silence

because of your indecent touch.

I wish all those fingers would rotten and fall off for such filthy

actions. You have corrupted their innocence creating monsters lurking to destroy from the inside out.

Let their vivid imagination grow, teach them manners but do not shut them up every time the dear child wants to tell you a story.

Spend time with the children.

Please spend time with your children.

It Warms My Heart #7: Humble People


Source: “The Princess on a royal visit for the official opening of the community centre on Whitehall Road, Bristol in May 1987” via wikipedia .org

Sometimes fame, education and/or wealth changes the way we treat people, animals and the things around. Some conservationists turn around to waste the water and food, they treated with such care from before. Others become unkind and disrespectful to the low-income bracket that they use to rock with every weekend. Isn’t it sad that a new higher status would change someone so deeply. I am questioning whether the inside was beautiful in the first place.

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It Warms My Heart #2

It warms My Heart/ Yelhispressing.com Short Story

Source:Oliwer Larsson via commons.m.wikimedia.org

Awww, I love to see old love, don’t you? Doesn’t it warm your heart when you see an aged couple walking hand in hand or hugging? It is absolutely sweet, whether they are married or not, it is especially beautiful when I come across a couple who is on a love journey for 30 years or 40 years.

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