My Top 5 Talents You Won’t Want

Of Love: A Ghazal

Source: © Copyright Kathryn Ferrier 2015

I  read Ameena 9 talents she was sure no one else would want, after laughing my heart out, I took her on her offer that we (her readers) should make a list as well. So here are few things about me I am sure you would not want and as always I am brutally honest so…

  1. I am brutally honest. If you are looking for someone to sugar coat words for you, you are most definitely out of zone. Whilst I am compassionate to certain situations and words of comfort are best, I will not run away from steering you on that path if you are my close friend or family. When you ask if you look fat in that dress and you do look fat, I will say so directly. If you ask me if you were an idiot for cutting a younger child or older person in a line, I will say yes and perhaps call you a jackass. Please, please, I ask the same of you, tell me the upright truth when I ask, after  all I ask.

2. A Weird Mixture of Introvert & Extrovert. I am a private person, not secretive and am a believer in certain incidents remaining between families and/or couples. [how do celebrities manage I do not know]. However, at the same time I like meeting like-minded people, who love talking about History, Jane Austen, Poetry, Books and Movies. I am getting somewhere with this I promise. So, my personality gives off a vibe that I am stuck up and do not want to talk with people. Some persons think because I have a certain interest that I behave like am above everyone else. So many times after a conversation, the other says “I did not know you were so vocal with such interest” or “you are actually a nice person.” Sigh

3. I Cannot Bake Even If We are Starving. I think mostly every woman in my immediate family can bake except me and now it is a cross over my head because I am expected to fulfill that role. Bear in mind that I can cook a little something something but it feels incomplete. I cannot knead dough without it appearing like a sloppy play dough scene from a kindergarten workshop. Folks, I cannot get even a box cake right, I am serious I cannot bake a box cake. I have tried times before and no one wanted to touch it, no one except me.

4. I Never Forget. “Oh but that is a good thing, you could remember stuff for work or school,” nope not this type of remembering. I have a hard time forgetting anything malicious or even bad, done to me. If  I trusted you and you betrayed that trust we will never be friends again. I am not proud of this quality but when you spend time being betrayed over and over by supposedly friends and family, it is what it is.

5.I Love Hard. It is a positive thing to love someone, anyone, with all of your heart. However, I love when I should just let go. Yes,I may never trust you again for double-crossing me but I will love you from a distance, a very lengthy distance. I will love you, long after all the evidence points out the ills and wrongs of me loving you. The type of love Brandy sings about, loving you until one day long after my love just died out.


So these are 5 talents I think you would not want. What about you, what talents do you have and you think I will not want?


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  1. Hahaaha, thank you for taking me up on the challenge :D. “So, you are actually a nice person”, hahah, I laughed hard at that statement, the things we hear. And ah, I’ve been told by someone to forgive but never forget so, it might exactly be so bad 😉


    • I like doing many challenges, yours made me think so I obliged myself, haha. You should see my face when I hear that phrase. I do not want to hear again. Well, I am never forgetting, I cannot throw that all over.


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