Title Fonts On Covers/Top 5 Wednesday


Top 5 Wednesday

Top 5 is a weekly bookish assessment by Gingerreadslainey and today’s feedback is Title Font On Covers. It was a bit tricky narrowing my list to 5 because I have a thing for certain type of fonts whether in text or as title. To be honest, I cannot remember all the names of the fonts even after research. Therefore, I will stick to less than professional description, please bear with me. Oh and please do access the topics for Top 5 Wednesday via the Goodreads Group

So let us dive into it:

Title Font On Covers 

The huge, bold and capitalized title stood out but even more impressively is the steel like material depicting the storyline on the inside of the letters. It makes an impression.


Title Fonts On Covers

Look at how the title is easy to read because the font is capitalized, bold yet thin. The colour of the font is easy on the eyes against the darker road and parts of the trees, yet there is that sort of glare from the sun which offers a nice balanced background. However, what attracted me to the title is the different font on the first letters of ‘House’ and ‘Riverton,’ I love how the letters curve, curl and touch each other. I am not certain why the first letter in ‘The’ did not receive the same treatment.


Cavendon Women

Very easy to read title with capitalize letters spaced so neatly. I noticed how ‘The’ is kept small but the two other words emphasised. The bronze colour forms a lovely contrast to the white shade it rests on and it is so smooth to touch. What is especially catching about the title is the white rectangle background with the design encasing around the box. Beautiful!


Title Font On Covers

I absolutely love the font used for the first letter of ‘High’ and ‘Mountain,’ the curls makes me feel so warm and eager to read (I am so serious). If I could use this font as my text font on the blog I would but it would be difficult to read if I use it for every letter. Notice, how the other letters in the title are in common letters, it is a perfect balance to the heavy font used for the first letter. I love how the title stands like a mountain, playing on the words to get the reader ready for the scenery in the story. Plus, I love that the colour of the font is sort of  mustard/yellowish, :P.


Title Fonts On Cover

Whilst the shade of bluish green used  makes it faster to gaze towards the title especially since it rests on a white background, the engagement ring in place of an ‘O’ made the title stand out to me.

Tell me which title font of a book tickles your fancy, there is one book I know surely will show up on others list but I cannot include it here because I have not read  the book. I wonder if anyone can guess the book. hmm


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