Stop! It’s My Vagina



My vagina is very popular, ask anyone in my neighbourhood.

Oh get your head out of that section of the ticklish, I am not referring to any occupation.

See, now that aspect puzzles me because I do not aim to have that million dollar pussy,

yet  the people who surround are obsess with my garden of Eden.

Pardon me  but this is not pre-school I must spell everything out the way it is.

Their words and actions show that they know more about my anatomy than me.

Feeling confidence to voice their unwanted opinion about what I wear and when I wear it and  even the times that I shower.

What business is it of anyone if a woman does not put her alarm for 5:00am, so she could rush to the bathroom?

Just because you have a problem with yours at the early hour, does not mean I am not ok with mine.

What  business is it of anyone if  I am picky about who I  let open my threshold?

Stop! It’s my vagina not yours, what I pamper it with, is up to my judge and jury.

So, if you are not on the receiving end of her breeze,hurl all your bitchy to yourself.


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