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Straight Street: Rough Waters [ A Ballad]

It is Rough In Those Streets

Rough Seas

Decaying network of evil, see them
breathe their diseased work on the
ideal impressionable young yoke.
Family values are weak from assaults
day in and week out from terrible gossip.

When weed is your best friend,
the deed is almost done. Help!
Is that the keys, handed down to
Eve, to multiply fruits to torture others?
Who made those community legal?

Stop, you cannot weasel your way
through my needle of choice.
Please, leave my different ways, different.
Let me be, be me. Free to choose only three
as friends because mama said 3 is a crowd
and I just want to stay out of trouble.

Day 7 of WordPress poetry class with the ‘Ballad.’ For our prompt today, Neighbours  and the literary device ‘Assonance.’ My poem speaks on my interpretation of the place, I call community. Sadly it is a negative but the truth shall set me free, yes free indeed.

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I leave you with a question: Do you live in a neighbourhood where you notice a slow decay (people mannerisms etc), does it bother you? Would you mind telling me about it, in the section below?


Gossip [Quote]


Cavendon Women

“Gossip can be very harmful. It has been known to destroy people. And those who gossip are extremely dangerous, in my opinion. All they do is cause trouble for others.”

Babara Taylor Bradford

The Cavendon Women


Be careful what you say about others especially if you are purposefully spreading a falsehood which may break up families. Our tongues are not only powerful but also deadly. Sometimes we should spend more time talking about our business and not  minding someone’s else who has no bearing in your life. I am sure, the topics for gossip about others would not be so juicy if someone else said it about us. Peace!


Stop! It’s My Vagina



My vagina is very popular, ask anyone in my neighbourhood.

Oh get your head out of that section of the ticklish, I am not referring to any occupation.

See, now that aspect puzzles me because I do not aim to have that million dollar pussy,

yet  the people who surround are obsess with my garden of Eden.

Pardon me  but this is not pre-school I must spell everything out the way it is.

Their words and actions show that they know more about my anatomy than me.

Feeling confidence to voice their unwanted opinion about what I wear and when I wear it and  even the times that I shower.

What business is it of anyone if a woman does not put her alarm for 5:00am, so she could rush to the bathroom?

Just because you have a problem with yours at the early hour, does not mean I am not ok with mine.

What  business is it of anyone if  I am picky about who I  let open my threshold?

Stop! It’s my vagina not yours, what I pamper it with, is up to my judge and jury.

So, if you are not on the receiving end of her breeze,hurl all your bitchy to yourself.




All the necessary colours, check!

All the positive attitude flared up with a bit of acting, check!

Deep breath for strength, check!

I”m ready  for this probation duty.


What I thought would toss me in Daniel’s den actually wants to rub its cute cubs to my cheek.

Funny how situation and life shifts to such size, the expected  flop becomes a pleasant surprise.

Interactions with the smily, frosty ones, eager for that warmer Fahrenheit.

Sweet temper some traced with an unease and slight impatient.

That is ok, we all have bad days where make others feel miserable (deliberately or not).

However, the unpleasant surprise came from the environs.

Team work is an essential asset for all to success, no?

How can we move forward if we blame everyone else for a mistake.

When we speak about coming together yet still we engage in whispers when backs turn.

So “preschoolish.”

Absolutely unnecessary behaviour from “mature” people.

Sometimes I long to stand in the place of  one of the frosty ones, just to see how much the service would differ.

How many smiles and accentuated educated English conversations, I would receive.

How many hasty apologizes, instead of scolds and threats that simply makes my task a nervous wreck.

Take off my necessary colours and let time slowly slip away in the shower.

Let that period of audition stay away, just for a few moments to recuperate.

Verbal Diarrhoea spoils Nature’s Intimacy



Unsettled, wavering thoughts wandering like motions between the branches of the coconut trees.

Human conflict spurred forth its lavic diarrhoe of nonsense, soon to be forgotten by the morrow.

But I am not one for pretension or bs, please do not mistake my reserved observing being, as a sign that you can toss me around.

I will surprise you by doing a David to your Goliath world.

You, yes you, a bully, pretentious, hiding behind the affordable chat rates.

Encouraged by similar loose tongue. Sooth talkers who navigate life, riding the backs of the unawares.

But I am alert!

My timely answers move quicker than Tyson’s feet during his prime.

I am doing an Ali movealike. I “flutter like a butterfly” and when ” I sting you like a bee” I will send shock waves of panic.

You never expected that did you. The part where I broke that vicious cycle of unnecessary servitude.

I shocked you, hmm? How far down your epicenter did I jolt your ridiculous premises.

You interrupted my intimacy with nature! How dare you!