Apology by Plato [A Book Review]

Socrateds's Apology

Apology by Plato

For the first time I am able to lean back, understand and enjoy a Socrates
dialogue. Although it is concerning his judgment to death, it does not read as a
sad anthem but rather a piercing, honest, mouthy and a bit nonchalant piece.

I laughed in the first section at Socrates nerve and bravery, he is jabbing at the very people who condemned him to death but he will go down with the truth . When he labeled himself “a sort of gadfly” in context to Anythus and Meletus I hollered but I am here thinking ” but Socrates you are rubbing salt in their wounds because so many people find you wise.”
I thought it hilarious and hypocritical that the intellectuals sought to kill Socrates for his intellectual prowess, as if he was the one who made the younger folks follow him as interns. These intellectual sought to dim Socrates shine because in their mind he is liken to a God.


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