To Hair and Back: My Journey Toward Self-love One Strand at a Time by Rhonda Eason [A Book Review]

Memoirs About Hair

To Hair and Back My Journey Toward Self-love One Strand at a Time by Rhonda Eason

I had so much fun reading about Rhonda’s hair journey. Her childhood was certainly drama filled- I felt more inclined to her mom (of all her family members) and I am happy at the end of her adult life, the author gave some hints on how her mom fares. I am happy that Rhonda found an internal peace in her adult life as I too seeks that beautiful calm.

The author storytelling is captivating that although I picked up the book for the hair journey, I became just or even more interested in her social life. Her childhood turmoil’s of self-identification was resounding and at times a scary comparison to my juvenile counterpart of surviving a split and struggling family. I appreciate that there is almost an unpretending air to this story, as if the author tells it all with almost nothing to hide. I say “almost” because I do not know the author personally therefore I cannot vouch for authenticity. However, based on certain aspects of her childhood divulged I have that gut feeling of genuineness (I could be wrong).


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