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In my humble opinion, Time and Place Book Tag is one of the most interesting book tag I stumbled upon because it makes you think about your reading journey. Jen Campbell, creator of the tag on YouTube, asks you to think of 10 ten books and what you were doing when you read them. It is mind provoking isn’t it? However, instead of 10 books, I will do 5, just for the sake of brevity and because I have done so many memes with 5 that the number sticks in my head. haha.

let us dive into it:

1.Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen
.Jane Austen

The first time I read this book, it was at A’Level for English Literature. It was the first semester of the academic year when I studied my first Jane Austen read. I remember my English Literature teacher clearly (one of the best EL teachers in my academic life) and the discussions in class with myself and the other 6 students. Yes, it was a very small class and if I remember clearly there were 7 of us.






2. If My Father Loved Me by Rosie Thomas

I remember cooking whilst reading most the story, I even wrote a poem. It was during the day, a nice breezy day. It is a story about Sadie and finding peace in her life, it is emotional when she tries to sort issues about her perfume father and sorting out her differences with her son Jack.






3. Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte


Before, I read Jane Eyre, I heard about it for so long and even watched several film adaptations. My motivations for reading is a Classic group on Goodreads in the summer of 2013. Every week, we would read a few chapters, engaging in lively chatty/discussions till the last word.






4. A Raisin In The Sun by Lorraine Hansberry

Representation Of Black Life

I can recall both times I read the play, the first time for school but I want to focus on the second time. Since the book is light, I would always carry it with me to read whilst I waited for the work bus. It was sometime in April 2014 and I remember always double checking, to make sure I did not miss the bus because I was deep in the life of a black family struggling to rise above the physical and mental effects of poverty.






5. What Not To Write by Kay Sayce

Writing Tips

I remember purchasing this small text from the campus bookstore and reading it throughout my university life because there was always something which made me uncertain. Years later and I am still reading the same copy because I am still puzzle by English grammar, haha.






How about you, do you remember where you read a certain book. Let me know in the comments below or do the tag.

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