Spooky/Eerie Reads/ Top 5 Wednesday


Top 5 Wednesday

Happy Wednesday people! :D. Today for Top 5 Wednesday, the community takes a look at Halloween Recs, now since Horror is not one of the genres I dabble into, I will  simply tell you 5 of the eerie, spooky and/or scary books I have read.

Let us dive into it:

1. Down A Dark Scary Hall by Lois Duncan

Spooky, Eerie Books
A boarding school accepts only four students, the buildings haunted and the students are going mad. To top it off there is a crazy teacher who makes the students channel the spirits of composer and writers.





2. Bad Men by John Connolly

Eerie, spooky books
A Maine Island where men are going about murdering and robbing the local people who seems shadowed by the unleashing of the ghosts of an equally gruesome murder scene centuries before.







3. Scary Stories 3: More Tales to Chill Your Bones by Alvin Schwartz

Eerie, spooky book
Composed of short stories, there are very few funny/cool ones but many spooky and eerie tales such as Hello Kate and The Black Dog. The author  retells stories collected from folklore along with the drawings of Stephen Gammell. If you are easily spooked do not let light bounce off the illustrations whilst you read at night.





4. Now That You’re Back by A. L. Kennedy

Eerie, Spooky Book
Another composition of short stories that are raw, chilling and disturbing. Eerie read!







5. The Jumbie Bird by Ismith Khan

Spooky Eerie Read
I read this book several years ago for school and one thing I do remember is that every time the jumbie bird shows up someone in the area dies. Someone says spooky! There are of course some symbolism and other literary power talk but that bird is one which stayed.







If you click on the image for each book, the link takes you to Goodreads for more exploring.

Thank you for reading my eerie, spooky reads. Is there any book that you read and you still feel the spooky vibes? Tell me in the comment section below.




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