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I am a standalone reading girl because I like knowing the complete story by the end of the book. For this reason, I do not normally gravitate deliberately towards book series. However, there are some first or second in some series stories which captured my interest and I really do want to complete the entire set.

The Price of Privilege Trilogy by Jessica Dotta

I read the first book in the series and it is so good, a historical fiction about a supposedly atheist girl, man of the cloth who loves her and other men in her life who pawn her in their dangerous game.

The Ebola K Trilogy of Terrorism Thrillers by Bobby Adair<

The first book left me with the mother load of cliffhanger when I was so into the story. I need to know if Austin survives the Ebola and if it spreads outside Uganda. I need to know more about Austin’s friend brother, this dude has the major case of Eastern deep purse with hatred for the West.

Marriage Mart by Amanda Forester

I want to finish the series because I need to know play by-play of what happens between The Marchford and Penelope, I suspect a wonderful tale of wit and humour awaits. I enjoyed the first part A Wedding In Springtime with Genie, William, Penelope and Marchford. It is my sought of romance tea: historical (titles, manners etc.) with a spin on serious day issues.

Austen Series by Debra White Smith

When I got the four books I read, I did not realize there are six in all until I joined Goodreads. I need to complete the series because hey I love the ones I have, some more than others but overall, it is a good series. It is a sort of modern adaptation loosely based off Jane Austen main novels.

Piper Anderson

A crime series that should keep me on my toes to the last book because the first book, Chasing Justice certainly worked its way to my nerve. I was fully engrossed in the story but I really need to know what happened between Piper and her father. See, her dad is a serial killer who she barely escaped. Piper moved to a new town trying to start living life again but incidents starting happening to make you miss sleep.

Thornleigh Series by Barbara Kyle

When I picked up the second book in the series,The King’s Daughter, I did not realize that it was part of a series until I joined Goodreads. Except for one description of an incident , I did find the tale interesting. Heck, I even reviewed that it could make a good film adaptation. I would see updates from the author and always say I would get to read the other books some day. I hope that some day is soon. The series follow the life of the people of Thornleigh family life in Tudor Court, estranged from court and their role as messengers for whoever is against the King/Queen of the day.

If you follow the links, they take you to Goodreads, I am sure you will get a better description of any series which may piqué your interest. What book series have you started that you want to finish reading? Let me know in the comment section below.

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