Top New 2015 Authors| Top 5 Wednesday


Top 5 Wednesday
Happy Wednesday dear readers and welcome to another Top 5 Wednesday, covering the top new authors that I discovered so far for the year. I share with you the authors who I am most impressed by their writing style, I have enjoyed their stories and will definitely make an effort to read more of their work in the future. If you are interested in joining us Wednesday-ers, come on over to the Goodreads Group.

Let us dive into it:
Jessica Dotta

A Book Review
I read Born of Persuasion, first book in Price of Privilege Trilogy and I am immensely impressed. In a long time I have not read a book with some much hunger for more. Her metaphors, personification and other literary devices are out of this world. She is one author I am definitely looking forward to reading more of her stories.

Bobby Adair
I must say that the summary of the book did not sell me but since we were  in the midst of a potential global outbreak, I made myself read. Thank goodness, I did because Ebola K is probably my best 2015 read. A thriller which never stop to thrill from the beginning to the end.
Amanda Forester

Historical Romance Novel
Oh boy did I grin like a fool throughout, my goodness I had a thing for William Grant. What appealed to me most about A Wedding In Springtime is that it is more than a good historical romance story. The author added mystery, adventure and touched on the social ills of London. A win, win in my books.

Issac Dookhan

West Indies History
God bless your heart in peace Dookhan for offering me one of the best source on pre-emancipation West Indies. Easy reading and learning tools is a must read for all Caribbean History students. I have no idea, why I discovered the book and the author only now. My heart was happy :). Hey, I love History so…

Lynnette KraftHistorical Fiction

The community living of Scot really drew me in, such a beautiful story of forgiveness and peace in Ingrid. Not forgetting the amazing character transformation. I honestly do not mind, spending a few weeks in Scot.


These are top 5 authors I discovered this year. I am curious what marvellous authors stories did you read this year? Let me know down below.


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