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Top 5 Wednesday

This week for Top 5 Wednesday, we take a look at “books that looked beautiful, but were awful.” If you are a Goodreads fan then these are the books listed under the one star rating meaning did not like that book at all. For me  “eye candy”  when referring to books  includes objects which stands out, lovely fashion from centuries earlier, a handsome man, a lovely affectionate couple and such.


Let us dive into it:


1. Jane Austen’s Mr. Darcy In Want Of A Wife by Jack Gunthridge 

Unfinished Books

See the name  Jane Austen in the title and this handsome man on the cover was an instant pull but meh, I did not bother to finish because I  disliked the concept. It was not a modern spin on Pride and Prejudice as the name of the title and the attire of the man on the cover suggest.  The author took Pride and Prejudice, copy and paste to his book. I was mad because this is not want the summary suggested.


2. Your Captivating Heart by Staci Eldredge

Christian Literature

For a book which should leave one inspired and encouraging instead I felt confused. After reading the book twice, years apart, I decided it is a waste to continue trying to find some spiritual consultation from a book which did not leave up to the summary at the back and a far cry from that inviting beautiful cover.

3. The Bayou Bride by Jennifer Blake

Clean Romance

Isn’t the cover so cute, sensational and just lovely but…

My review sums up the but:

I am not sure what to make of the heroine and hero. I do not like Lucien, he is overbearing and bossy and certainly Sherry’s indecisiveness did not help. Kidnapping a woman is not romantic at all, Sherry sums it up nicely:

“This was the twentieth century, for heaven sake! No matter how much a man might dislike a situation, he did not react with such a drastic solution,” but she showed her indecision when she ask “…did he?”


4. The Red Queen by Philipa Gregory

Philippa Gregory

Book covers with women in past fashion wear is eye-catching to me especially in Historical Fiction. However, this story went on and on about Joan of Arc in the beginning and every time Margaret Beaufort opened her mouth I told her shut up.


5. The Raven and Other Poems by Edgar Allen Poe

Edgar Allen Poe

I like the cover of this poetry collection of a bird in flight but the story was just boringgggg. Only one poem catch my eye, I think it spoke on a woman name Elizabeth.

Nice having you reading for another Top 5 Wednesday. What books have lovely covers but the story left you wanting less and not more?

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      • Ohhh big time!! I went on raving about the book when I started reading it, it had a captivating beginning and potential. But, the main character was not endearing, the plot has lots of twist which at this point, I am already confused. I’ve got about 20 pages left to finish the book and I can’t stand it. The author really messed up a book with so much potential.


      • I cannot stand when authors do that, it does something inside me of me. Take heary with the 20 pages remaining. All that potential for nothing, mann!


  1. “…and every time Margaret Beaufort opened her mouth I told her shut up.” LOL. I hate it when I get seduced into buying a book by its oh-so-appealing cover and then discover I can barely get through the first chapter before I give up on it.


    • I hate that feeling as well. Yet I realize it is actually shines a light on the skill of the author to get us readers so worked up albeit how disappointed we may be. True we may never read the book again but we always remember that character who made our skin crawled in distaste.


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